Copy of a letter dated the 10th of August 2001 delivered to Detective Chief Superintendent Scott of Durham Constabulary. Although Durham Constabulary alleged that they had carried out an investigation into my complaints, it was Detective Inspector Gibson who said that the investigation had been carried out only on the contents of my web site. How can any serious investigation be carried out that way? Later Durham Constabulary wrote saying that they would not be carrying out an investigation into my allegations of crime that took place at the Durham County Court. Inspector Gibson also told me that when a judge lies it is a judicial decision and is protected. The latter is of course completely untrue. Judges are not exempt from the law more especially when they have carried out corrupt acts during cases that come before them. I still donít know if Northumbria Police passed on the evidence of the crimes used against me to Durham Constabulary. Correspondence with Fraser Kemp MP has now shown that there is no authority in the UK who will act on the matter of judicial crime. This is a very serious constitutional issue but Fraser Kemp MP writes that he is not permitted to raise questions in the House of Commons. He has failed to make a reply to almost every question that I have raised with him in my letters. This matter is to be pursued.

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