Below is copied a letter dated the 5th August 2001 received from Durham Constabulary. This force has falsely claimed that when a judge lies it is a judicial decision and is therefore protected by law. The fact is that it is not and Durham Constabulary will be aware of that. It is clear in these circumstances that Durham Police force protecting judicial crime and corruption they have become part of it.

Note that the letter says that Detective Inspector Gibson has carried out investigations but then goes on to say that there would be no investigations into the judicial process at Durham County Court? Those who have made the decision not to investigate the crimes used against me by Durham County Court and others named on this web site residing within their area of jurisdiction are held to be guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office (Regina -v- Dytham). This offence carries with it a possible prison sentence of up to seven years. There is also the question of a damages claim being made against those within Durham Constabulary who have failed to carry out their public duty to act on crime reported to them which has caused me considerable damage.

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