Below is copied the contents of my letter to Fraser Kemp MP dated the 2nd of May 2002.


Mr Fraser Kemp MP. 16A The Lyons,

14 Nesham Place Hetton-le-Hole,

Houghton-le-Spring Tyne-Wear DH5 0HT


2nd May 2002.

My Ref: MK/LP/FK08

Dear Fraser

Thank you for your letter of 22nd April 2002. It seems as though our correspondence has turned full circle and we have arrived back where we started. How can I have recourse to legal action, as you advise in your letter, when what is called into question is judicial crime and misconduct which is being backed and assisted by police protection? According to Home Office Minister Mr John Denham, they have no control over the actions and decisions of Chief Constables. In other words Chief Constables are being allowed be a law unto themselves. If there is any other explanation that you can offer in regard to John Denhams letter, a copy of which you supplied to me, I should be happy for you to make me aware of it. Then we have the letter from Baroness Scotland QC of the Lord Chancellors Department of which you also supplied me with a copy of it. According to the Baroness, a British citizen can make a complaint to the Lord Chancellors Department about the personal conduct of a judge but such personal conduct does not include their use of fraud, perjury and other acts intended to pervert the course of justice. As in the previous situation we are effectively being told that judges too are a law unto themselves. As I understand it you supplied both Baroness Scotland and Mr John Denham with copies of the evidence that I had provided to you which proves that judges have used these criminal acts to cause me harm. Still, they deny any liability or responsibility to act on that evidence. Can you really have me believe that there is nothing which can be done about these matters? I am sorry but I dont accept this and donít think you would either if you were placed in my present situation.

Since the start of our recent correspondence I have asked you a number of questions. You have not answered a single one of them. I also asked you for copies of your letters to the various authorities on my matters. You have not done that either though you did provide me with copies of replies to your letters which you received from these authorities. I have also asked that you table a Parliamentary question on my cases, which I am entitled to, which only the Attorney General is qualified to answer. Its Clear that you have not done that either. In both the Durham County Court and the Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court matters there is a question of the misuse of law and crime along with its cover up by both the courts and the police. In the matter of the Durham County Court matter there is the additional matter of gross misconduct along with its use of criminal acts including their use of fraud and perjury clearly meant to cause me damage. That followed my having contributed to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee Enquiry Into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. I have provided you with indisputable evidence of these facts which you have passed on to the various authorities and on which they have failed/refused to act upon it.

False use of law is a Parliamentary misdemeanour and this is set out in the Porter v McGill case in 2000. The convention that Parliament chooses not to interfere in the actions of judges, cannot be allowed to apply where judges are hijacking the functions of Parliament. There is a clear duty on each individual MP to review instances of the perverse use of the law machine within each MP's area. I would suggest that there is also a duty on local MP's to join together, regardless of Party, to defend Parliament and the public against this abuse. Each separate instance of the malignant use of law for purposes of naked State power , is an incitement to revolution. In these circumstances local MP's have a further constitutional duty to act in defence of the Parliamentary system and the victim of its abuse.

Circumstances show that you are clearly aware, as I am, that there are no independent and impartial tribunals established by law where the matter of the crime and misuse of law used by the courts can be referred to for a just resolution. The latter is a requirement under the European Human Rights Convention which is clearly being ignored by our government. That too is the same situation when it comes to defending against the police who in my cases are shown by considerable evidence to be deliberately ignoring judicial crime. We are led to believe that no one is above the law, but facts and evidence shows that corrupt judges and police officers are. This is a very serious situation and its only a situation which usually arises where there is the use of Police State tactics against victims of judicial crime. I am only one of the many victims of such state misuse of power. Do you intend to obtain a reply from the Attorney General in the matter of my cases? I would advise you that there are others very interested in my situation and it is in all of our interests and in the interests of our constitution to address the matters which I have reported to you as a matter of urgency. Finally, Buckingham Palace have failed to answer the questions which I raised in my letter to HM Queen Elizabeth II. I asked whether her Majesty accepts any responsibility or liability in the matter of the judicial oath of fairness to all, which judges swear to the Queen, when they breach it. My letter was passed by Buckingham Palace to the Lord Chancellors Department. Their reply was that I should refer matters of judges who have failed to exercise justice in accordance with their judicial oath into the appeal system. In my case I was simply refused leave to appeal! In any event, as there is the matter in my cases of the use of judicial crime, I cannot think that judges are empowered to act on crime carried out by their fellow judges? Certainly, in the circumstances, they could never be accepted as being impartial and independent to such proceedings coming before them. Crime is a police matter and not one to be passed into the court appeal system. Again I refer to the duty of the Attorney General to take up the matter of the use of such crimes in my cases. He first has to be made aware of the facts concerning its use. I do require that you do this.

Yours sincerely.

Maurice Kellett

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