Below is copied the letter received from MP Fraser Kemp dated the 6th of October 1997. He had been supplied with a huge dossier of evidence of my allegations made on this website. Euro MP Allan Donnelly denied any responsibility to act on the matter despite amongst other things there having been a clear breach of my rights as a European citizen. Other documents to be reproduced on this website will show replies received from the Euro MP who took over after Allan Donelly resigned. Lords Justices Auld and Pill refuse me leave to appeal the perverse and corrupt ruling of then recorder John H Fryer-Spedding. Auld told me that he did not think Freemasonry would have been responsible for my situation. Later when I asked Messrs Auld and Pill if they would declare any membership of Freemasonry in the light that the subject of Freemasonry had entered into proceedings before them, both failed to make the declaration required of them. For their court to have been impartial and independent as required under the European Human Rights Convention both were required not to be masons. They had in the circumstances failed to give me the information required for me to decide if that court had in fact been independent and impartial. Documentation showing these facts will be reproduced later on this website.

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