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Sent via fax transmission to 0191 385 4785 16th October 2001.
Mr Frazer Kemp MP.
16th October 2001
My Ref: MK/EC/FK/001
Dear Mr Kemp
It is a number of weeks since our meeting at Hetton Council Offices when I then gave you an account of the injustice, crime and gross breach of the Human Rights Act that I am suffering. You told me that you would contact me on what I reported to you but to date you have not done so.
Just so that there cannot be any misunderstandings about the issues, I again briefly detail them below. I have been in touch with a number of MEP's who are of the opinion that you are the one best qualified to deal with the matters below.
In October of 1996 then Recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding tried the actions DH400950, DH400898, and NE401650 at the Newcastle County Court. He falsely alleged that the cases had been subject of a consolidation order and then tried the three actions as a single case. In the event my case notes became almost useless. In fact on 1st June 1994 an order was made at the Durham County Court refusing such alleged consolidation of the cases. The Recorders false allegation was an act of fraud and there is no question of that. Supreme Court Rules dictate that a judge must see such order for consolidation before trying cases that way. The Recorder is therefore also held to have been in contempt of the Supreme Court by ignoring such Rules. There followed a catalogue of acts which show beyond all reasonable doubt that the Recorders intent was to carry out acts to pervert the course of justice. If you have any doubts about the

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truth of my latter statement I can supply you with the evidence which backs it up. Some of it is already subject of publication on the Internet. Possibly his action against me was payment for my having contributed to the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary? John H. Fryer-Spedding decided to go into what was a sudden decision to retire at the time I reported some of his acts to then Lord Chancellor Mackay.
Arising out of the costs awarded by the Recorder was a bankruptcy order made against me by District Judge Jones. D.J. Jones was not impartial to the proceedings before him as is required under Human Rights Law. The publication of my alleged bankruptcy contributed to the death of my father who took ill immediately after that. It also contributed to the destruction of my thirty year marriage and has had an adverse effect on my own health.
One of the judges involved in the injustice I suffered was Deputy District Judge Baird. He had unlawfully heard my appeal from the ruling of District Judge Scott-Phillips in late 1992. Only a Circuit Judge can hear such appeal. There can be no question that it was not a mistake. Shortly after that he carried other improper acts by allowing my opponent the use of two advocates and ignored material evidence that I provided to him.
In another incident District Judge Scott-Phillips sitting at the Durham County Court falsely stated that he had not granted an order to allow me to go to the offices of then solicitor Nancy Bone to take copies from my files. He said that my visit to the office of Nancy Bone was only by her consent. When Nancy Bone was eventually struck from the register of solicitors the files which she held on my cases were returned to me. In those files was verification that Nancy Bone referred to my visit to her office as an order of the court. She had breached that order and was therefore protected following that by D.J. Scott-Phillips.

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Solicitor Alison Stott of Durham City had been attending the courts with my opponent Miss Shirley Carr from mid 1994. In January of 1996 she declared to the Newcastle County Court that she had not been acting for my opponent but had only been assisting her. There were a number of witnesses to that declaration and affidavits were sworn in connection with it. During the time solicitor Stott had been assisting Miss Carr she had accepted from the Durham County Court the work of preparing the judges bundles. That of course in the circumstances was unlawful. She then secretly passed on that work for Miss Carr to carry out. Miss Carr then left out material documents from the bundles. One such document was her application and subsequent refusal for consolidation of the three aforementioned cases, in an order made on 1st June 1994 by District Judge Scott-Phillips. I was unable to verify at that time what documents Miss Carr had left out of the judges bundle. My files which would have assisted me in that were being withheld from me by then solicitor Nancy Bone. These matters are matters of fraud and conspiracy to defraud. Both Miss Shirley Carr and solicitor Alison Stott were of course aware that there was an order in place refusing consolidation of the three actions and that as such, the cases had been tried unlawfully.
Despite being in the full knowledge of that they proceeded with an application for my bankruptcy.
Solicitor Paul Graney of Houghton-le-Spring swore perjury in a Statutory Declaration used to lodge a caution at HM Land Registry. Northumbria Police falsely claimed at the time I provided evidence of that perjury to them that swearing perjury in a Statutory Declaration was not a police matter and failed to take action on it. Mr Graney was later struck from the register of solicitors for other serious misconduct. This matter was material to case NE401650. The recorder ignored the evidence of Mr Graney's perjury as he also ignored much of the evidence I placed before him. This is also proved by substantive evidence.
In June of 1999 Northumbria Police agreed to investigate my allegations against the recorder and others some of who I mention herein.. A meeting took place with an

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acting Inspector S. Coxon at the office of my solicitor on 30th June 1999. He then agreed to investigate what I reported to him. In fact evidence shows that he carried out no such investigation. Though that interview was claimed to have been official I was not asked to place my signature against any of the allegations I had made. In any formal interview I am now well aware following contact with another police force that such signature would have been required.
At a meeting in May of this year, three senior Northumbria Police officers said that they had decided that it should be Durham Constabulary who should investigate my allegations. A leading crime author and documentary film producer was present with me when I was told of that decision. It had taken Northumbria Police two years to inform me of that decision. It was of course verification that acting detective Inspector S. Coxon had not been investigating my allegations which they had previously led me to believe that he was in June of 1999.
When I subsequently approached Durham Constabulary they informed me that they would not hear any allegation from me of any crime which was not committed in the Durham Constabulary area. I sent a letter regarding this matter to the Chief Constable of Northumbria. Like a number of my letters to him it failed to receive a reply. The matter is presently with the Northumbria Police authority who are also shown by evidence to have told me lies. They had also falsely alleged that my allegations were being investigated.
In January of 1999 I was arrested by Northumbria Police on an allegation of harassment of my civil opponent Miss Shirley Carr. Besides leaving out material documents from the judges bundles when she unlawfully prepared then in the cases DH400950, DH400898 and NE40160, Miss Carr used substantial material perjury in the cases. That too was ignored by Northumbria Police. Following my arrest I was detained at Washington Police Station. Despite my requests for it, police would not inform anyone where I was being held. I was denied access to a solicitor and a doctor.

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When I was on the point of collapse I was dumped outside of the casualty wing of Sunderland Royal Hospital. It is shown by evidence that my arrest was unlawful. I have reported this matter to the Chief Constable of Northumbria Police but again no reply was received to it was received from him. In May of this year that was one of the matters the three senior Northumbria Police officers agreed to investigate. Its clear that this matter too is being ignored.
Although Durham Constabulary would not hear from me any allegations of crime not committed in their area, they recently claimed that when a judge lies as substantive evidence shows that former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding had, then such acts are a judicial decision and are protected. That of course is a lie itself. In my recent letter to the Home Secretary it has been agreed that no one is above the law. The way a judge arrives at his decisions is protected. Judicial misconduct is not as has been verified to me by a leading UK barrister.
The latter is not by any means a full catalogue of the crimes used against me which have clearly been meant to pervert the course of justice. Fraud and conspiracy to defraud have been forefront in that crime used yet both Northumbria Police and Durham Constabulary are shown by indisputable evidence to be failing in their public duty to take action on it. I have warned both Chief Constables that by deliberately failing in their public duty to protect me from the crimes I have reported to them some of which I detail to you herein, they are automatically guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office and are liable to arrest. Such arrest can of course lawfully be carried out by a member of the public. The present problem is to whom they should be delivered to following such arrest.
It is several years ago since I detailed to you at our meeting that I had been locked in the Hetton Town Council Chambers and was then subject of assault. Northumbria Police also failed to take action on that matter.

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In 1986 I was battered and then struck by a car that was deliberately driven at me. The court proceedings which followed at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court were illegal. The single magistrate who ruled on that matter was not qualified to act alone. Northumbria Police also agreed to investigate that matter but have not done so. Freemasonry played a part in that injustice and that is where all of my problems started after I decided that I would not allow such unlawful acts by a court to go without investigation into the reasons for it.
As you will be aware, I have very substantive and undeniable evidence of my allegations which I make herein and I can produce that evidence to you if you require it?
I request your most urgent attention to the matters I report to you.
Yours sincerely
Mr Maurice Kellett
16A The Lyons,
Tyne-Wear DH5 0HT.

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