Below is copied a document signed by District Judge Cuthbertson. It was relative to an impeding further application for my imprisonment to be made by Carr. It was not until 2001 that I became aware of the existence of this document. The document can only suggest that District Judge Cuthbertson was giving legal advice to either Shirley Carr or solicitor Alison Stott shortly before the hearing before J.F. Spedding. The advice was given without my knowledge of it at the relevant time. I wonder did solicitor Stott not know the law relating to the matter? Why was DJ Cuthbertson acting as a source of legal advice for Stott or Carr? Carr's intent to have me imprisoned had been clear from the start. Having me imprisoned would of course assist in hiding the perjury submitted to the Durham County Court some of which is published on this site. Perjury remains an offence punishable by imprisonment. Those who have used it against me still walk free despite both Durham and Northumbria Police being aware of its use. I remain the victim of crime allowed and protected by paid public servants.

More on this matter later.

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