All material on this website is published for and in the general public interest.

This web site is dedicated to the exposure of judicial and police crime in the UK. While I firmly believe that Freemasonry is responsible for much of the organized crime in the United Kingdom, more especially within the justice system, it is up to the reader to decide for themselves as to whether that organization is mainly responsible for it. As a secret society, Freemasonry clearly has a purpose for its secret practices which are always shown not to be for and in the general public interest.

The attempt by two Northumbria Police Special Squad Police officers to murder me on the 5th February this year (2003) is evidence that someone in the corrupt UK Establishment wants me dead. Who gave their consent and agreement to that? Northumbria Police Chief Constable or Downing Street following my claim for damages from PM Tony Blair for failing and ignoring the requirement of my, and indeed all UK citizens rights under Article 6(1) of the European Human Rights Convention for access to Independent and Impartial Tribunals or Authorities established by law for the resolution of or criminal and civil rights. We have no such tribunals or authorities. Evidence shows that if we had, I would not be in the situation in which I have been placed or having been subject of attempted murder early this year



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