Yesterday 15th January 2003, I telephoned the Court Service at Southside, London, to ask what they were doing in regard to my claim for damages made against the Durham County Court for corruption used against me by some of its judges in cases DH400950,DH400898 and NE401650. Mr Kevin Hunt, the manager of the Durham County Court, informed me earlier last year that he had passed on my damages claim to the Court Service at Southside, London. In my telephone discussion with the Court Service of today, they told me that they had no record of my claim having been passed to them from the Durham County Court. In my todays telephone discussion (16-01-02) with a solicitor at the Court Service he told me again that they had no record of my claim. The Court Service solicitor said that I must submit it again, to them this time. I telephoned Mr Hunt at the Durham County Court immediately afterwards (3.55pm approx.). First he told me that he was leaving the Durham County Court tomorrow but said that he had in fact passed on my damages claim to the Court Service at Southside, London last year. The Court Service had contacted him about my damages claim earlier today as they were not aware of it said Mr Hunt. He had a member of the Durham County Court staff speak to me on the telephone who he said had dealt with passing on my damages claim to the Court Service.

On the 14th of January 2003, District Judge Bailey sitting at the Middlesbrough County Court, upheld an order for possession of my home. He said that the facts and evidence of fraud used by judges at the Durham County Court and additional fraud used against me by Shirley Carr and solicitor Alison Stott that had been provided to him had no relevance. District Judge Bailey his held to have breached at least two of my rights under the European Human Rights Convention. By failing to act on the fraud, and theft used to engineer my situation the District Judge Bailey is also held by common law to have been part of it himself. By his having stated that the crime used to have me arrive at that situation had no relevance makes a mockery of justice. It is now more clearer than ever to me that judges have become a law unto themselves and are now openly working outside of the Parliamentary Justice System as the administration of law requires. Action, I understand has commenced to serve Magistrates Court summonses on judges who are acting illegaly outside, and in breach of the Parliamentary Law System. After he delivered judgement, District Judge Bailey appeared to try to rectify one of his violations under the European Human Rights Convention. I replied to him that it was of no relevance as he had already passed judgement. District Judge Bailey asked the solicitor for Shirley Carr if he had any awareness of what rights I had raised as he appeared to have no knowledge of them. The solicitor mentioned two case that he believed I was referring to. I told them that there was in fact another case which was very relevant to the violation that I mentioned to the judge.

The outcome of that hearing on Tuesday came as little suprise to me. Judicial crime and its protection is all part of the way the courts are now conducting themselves. Their victims are increasing by the week. MP Mr Fraser Kemp is well aware of this situation but claimed in his letter to me that he is not permitted to raise issues in the House of Commons. That was after I wrote to him that the matter must be raised in Parliament as a matter of urgency. It concerned the general public interest and that it must me raised. However, it would seem that the public are taking a back seat in the matter of judicial corruption. Protecting corrupt politics is clearly taking priority and in this regard it is against the general public interest.

Under article 6(1) of the European Human Rights Convention, UK citizens have the right of access to independent and impartial tribunals or authorities for the resolution of their rights. Though Tony Blair has been in office since 1997 we have no such independent and impartial authorities. That is held to be a gross breach of the rights of all UK citizens. Under Tony Blair, Britain now leads the European League for the abuse of human rights. The European Court have raised that matter with the UK. My bet is that if that matter had been raised by a man named Bush, Tony Blair would not only have acted quickly on it, he may well have licked some part of him as well.

Britain is in serious trouble under the premiership of Tony Blair. There is mass concern over the impending war against Iraq. Tony Blair does not seem to give a damn about the general publics views. It is clear that Bush's views are more paramount to him. His attitude is consistent with that of a dictator. Democracy in Britain under Tony Blair continues to be under severe threat and the trend continues.

I am informed that a group in London who are also sick and tired of corrupt judges have started, or are about to start issuing magistrates court summonses against them. The Parliamentary system of law is none existent and there is no authority who will act on judicial crime as evidenced by Mr Fraser Kemp MP who has written to me that he is not permitted to raise issues in the House of Commons. Is an MP in such circumstances really any use at all? Is it a breach of our rights by failing to act in the general public interest for which they are paid?

Why do terrorists exist? It is when justice is denied to them. The UK citizens are at risk when, as facts show, the justice system has generally degraded into a bunch of evil people who have become a law unto themselves and are not under the Parliamentary Law rule. They must and surely will have to learn the hard way it would seem.

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