Below is copied a letter from Mr J J Death of the Lord Chancellors Department. My complaints to the Prime Minister included my allegations that proceedings at the Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates court had been illegal in 1986 after I had been battered and then struck by a car that was deliberately driven at me by a man named Pringle. It happened after I had exposed crime at then British Coal Estates Department. The single magistrate who heard the case was not qualified to act alone. A magistrate who sat alongside him on the bench, Mr William Moseley was a very close friend of the man who had battered me and then drove his car at me causing me injury when I went under its front. That magistrate had also been an acquaintance of mine. He was also a member of the Freemasons. The man who had attacked me supplied the local Masonic Hall with fruit and vegetables for use in their functions. He walked free from the Houghton Magistrates Court. My outburst at that happening was published in the Sunderland Echo Newspaper that same evening.

When I later asked magistrate Moseley why had remained sitting on the magistrates bench at Houghton even though he was a close friend of Pringle, he replied that though he had sat on the bench, he had stood down from judgement in the case. Later in 1992, a police officer told me that the proceedings at Houghton had been illegal. He was the one who told me that the single remaining magistrate had no qualifications to act alone. I approached the Clerk to the Justice Mr Bavidge on the matter. He failed to reply to my letter asking if the magistrate concerned had been qualified alone. Eventually, I was able to speak Mr Bavidge by telephone. He said that the magistrate was on holiday and he had been unable to find out if he had the necessary qualifications to act alone. The police who had previously given me the information about the magistrate told me that Mr Bavidge would have been well aware that the magistrate was not qualified to act alone.

I wrote to the Prime Minister on the matter. The reply came from a Mr J J Death of the Lord Chancellors Department. His reply is copied below. I had never asked for the name of the magistrate, only whether he was qualified to act alone. As the illegal proceedings at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court was a criminal matter then the Prime Ministers Office should have passed the matter to the police for investigation. This was the first time that discovered that judicial crime was being protected by high authority. How many times this sort of thing has happened in the UK I donít know. My suspicion from contact with other victims of the establishment is that it has and probably still is happening nationwide. However, Mr J J Death had done his part in the work of covering up the illegality of the proceedings that had taken place at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court.

Quite recently, Chief Detective Inspector Atkinson, then stationed at Washington Police, told me that there was no magistrates qualified to act alone at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court in 1986. That verified the information given to me by the police constable in 1992.

My story began with finding out about those illegal proceedings. The more I tried to expose it the more the establishment carried out evil acts against me. That in turn only made me more determined to expose it.

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