Here is a letter received from solicitors Harding Swinburne Jackson & Co. of Sunderland. Northumbria Police had appointed acting Inspector Steven Coxon to investigate my allegations of crime used against me. That crime involved actions taken by recorder John Fryer-Spedding, National Insurance Inspector Miss Shirley Carr, solicitors Mr Paul Graney and Alison Stott. It also included illegal proceedings that were carried out by Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court in 1986. It was as a result of those illegal proceedings that my investigations into Freemasonry within the Judiciary commenced. I quickly learned that the Masonic influence within the police was also a matter for very serious concern. Then there was the matter of Northumbria Police officers who had made false statements to me clearly to assist in covering up the crime used against me.

On the evening of the attack on me by a man named Pringle, I was left without choice but to mostly crawl back to my home from Dairy Lane Police Station at Houghton, to Hetton Lyons. I did that in the middle of the night in torrential rain. I had large cuts on my face and chin. My knees had been injured as a result of the car impact on me. I had not received hospital treatment as had been promised to me and my wife by police. The police doctor had only lint to cover my wounds. That washed off when I got outside in the rain. I bled heavily all of the way to my home. I had been abused by police officers at Dairy Lane Police Station at Houghton. When I arrived home a doctor who attended to me made a diagram of my injuries and confirmed that I had required hospital treatment. That was I think my first experience that the good old British bobby was not quite what I had previously imagined. The years that followed that were to show me more of what some of them were and still are capable of doing to their victims without apparent fear of prosecution.

Acting Inspector Steven Coxon was obviously doing just thatů.acting. Shortly after he was alleged to be investigating my complaints, I learned that he was not doing that. My suspicion was, and seemed to be borne out by facts that followed, that it was hoped by senior Northumbria Police officers that the second false allegation against me of harassment of Miss Shirley Carr would be instrumental in imprisoning me. Later very material evidence came to light which helped prove that the allegation that Carr had made against me was untrue. That allegation was that I had approached Carr at the Sunderland County Court and had threatened to harass her. The Court security guard who was in attendance at the time of the alleged incident later told Northumbria Police that he could recall that nothing of note occurred in the Court that day because he was there to make sure that it did not. The letter from the Crown Prosecution Service at Washington to solicitor A.N Jackson of Hartlepool, my previous solicitor, confirming the security officers statement to Northumbria Police was deliberately withheld from the Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court as evidence in my defence. I knew absolutely nothing about the existence of that letter. Solicitors Harding Swinburne Jackson & Co. of Sunderland withheld that letter from barrister Mr Neil Addison when I appealed against the conviction for the alleged harassment of Carr.

Barrister Mr Niel Addison agreed in writing that he had no knowledge of the existence of that letter for use in my appeal. I was convicted by Houghton Magistrates Court under that false allegation against me made by Miss Shirley Carr. At my meeting with three senior Police Officers at Ponteland, they told me that to suppress such evidence was a criminal matter and they agreed to investigate it. No such investigation has ever taken place. The Crown Prosecution Service at Washington said that if I would remove references to Carr from my Internet web site, they in turn would consider dropping their action against me. That I considered amounted to nothing short of attempted blackmail by the CPS. The other question was why both Northumbria Police and the Washington Crown Prosecution Service had included the matter in their prosecution of me when they already had the letter in their possession with the statement from the security officer at the Sunderland court that nothing of note had occurred there. The references to Carr on my web site included some of the evidence to show that she had used perjury and other serious criminal acts during the civil litigation between us. Some of it shown here as well. That perjury had clearly been allowed and at least in one case had been added to by a judge in the matter. Later I told solicitor Hughes, a Northumbria Police duty solicitor, that I wanted to be tried for the further alleged harassment of Carr. I had additional evidence to prove that Shirley Carr was again falsely accusing me of alleged harassment against her and that I had struck her with my walking stick. A video camera had been used at the scene of the alleged incident. It was never used as my suspicions that another course of injustice was already starting to work again kept that evidence for if and when it was needed. Irregular though it might have been, I would have produced that video film at my trial. It showed that Carr had pulled my walking stick from me and then struck me with it while I was standing in my garden.

No police investigations have taken place on my allegations by either Inspector Coxon or any other police officers that I am aware of. The cover up of crime used against me continues.

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