Below is copied a letter dated the 25th of November 1999 received by me from the Lord Chancellors Department in response to my letter to the Prime Minister Tony Blair. This appears to serve as more proof that the subject of Freemasonry is being protected by the Lord Chancellors Department. It is reasonable to suggest that if a judge lies or carries out corrupt acts in the course of their work, then equally they would lie in the matter of their membership of Freemasonry. It is also important to remember that Freemasonry is a Secret Society. It is also known by them as the Brotherhood. This sets them apart from other matters in the declaration of interests. In these circumstances any membership of Freemasonry must be made a condition of employment not only of judges, magistrates and the police, but to all those who are public servants. Reason alone dictates that this is right for the ordinary members of the UK public. There is a problem existing that those in government seem to want to hide from the public regarding Freemasonry. I am sure that Chris Mullin MP should have the answer to this one?

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