Below is copied pages two and three of the interrogatories served on Shirley Carr served on her on the 23rd of September 1996. It came to light on the 6th of December 2002 that Carr had unlawfully registered land subject of case NE401650 on the 12th of July 1994. It will be seen that Carr's sworn statement shows that she had used fraud in the interrogatories served on her. It is clear that she also used fraud to unlawfully register the land on the 12th Of July 1994. Why is Geffrey Archer in prison now when Carr is not? Note that Carr wrote her replies to the interrogatories on the same paper on which they were served on her.

Paragraph 50 of recorder John Fryer-Spedding's judgement on the 24th of October 1996.  50. "As far as Miss Carr is concerned, she has no claim to a declaration that she is entitled to a possessory title, although she does claim that Mr. Kellett is not so entitled." That order was made on the 24th of October 1996. Carr had illegally registered it in her name on the 12th of July 1994.

Paragraph 51 of then recorder John Fryer-Speddings approved transcript of judgement. "It is possible that Mr. Kellett Snr., the more likely probability than other members of the family, Mr. Kellett Snr. alone, might have become entitled to a possessory title based upon a twelve year period, but if it was the 30 year period which was material then he would not obtain such title."

When my father made an application to the Durham County Court to be allowed for us to go back into possession of our land District Judge Cuthbertson struck it out as an abuse of court time. On appeal, I represented my father. Judge Helen Paling presided at that appeal and warned me not to speak and then dismissed it. This has been a similar situation right through this matter. Justice has never had a hand in it but downright evil used by those who should have known better.

It is known now that Carr had omitted from the judges bundles statutory declarations that had been sworn by myself and earlier my father (now deceased) that supported our lawful title to the land subject of the case. Carr had unlawfully prepared those bundles. Solicitor Alison Stott was party to the fraud then used. Facts show that it is certain that not only had Carr unlawfully registered the land, but that she must have used the Statutory declarations sworn by me and my father which had in error not been stamped by the Newcastle County Court as exhibits. It appears that a large number of other affidavits supporting our use of the land had also been omitted by Carr from the judges bundles when she unlawfully prepared them.

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