Mr Fraser Kemp MP

14 Nesham Place



My Ref: MK/LP/FK16a


20th January 2003.

Open Letter To Be Published For and In The General Public Interest.

Dear Mr Kemp

I thank you for your letter of the 6th of January 2003. Due to circumstances of fighting the corruption used against me, some of which you have been made aware of and have seen evidence of it, I have been unable to reply earlier.

You write in your letter to me of the 6th of January 2003, " I am in receipt of your letter. I can only confirm that as you are aware I have raised your case as a Member of Parliament with the relevant Minister." To which Minister do you refer to as being the relevant Minister?

From my correspondence with you, you have written that you have raised my case with the Home Office, The Attorney General, The Lord Chancellors Department, and the Parliamentary Commissioner. You are aware that judicial crime has been used in my case. I have provided you with some of the evidence of it. You have also made known to me that none of the above authorities will accept the responsibility to act on the matter of that judicial crime. That was the reason that I asked you to raise that matter in the House of Commons. You replied that you were not permitted to do that. As the representative of your constituents, which of course includes me, I find that a further matter of serious concern to me and to others who are aware of your letter making that latter statement.

I was informed by the manager of the Durham County Court , Mr Hunt, in August 2001 that he had referred my case of the judicial crime that has been used against me at the Durham and Newcastle County Courts, and my damages claim made in regard to it, to the Court Service, at Southside, London. Last week the Court Service informed me that they had no record of that matter having been passed to them. Mr Hunt informed me on Thursday last that he was leaving the court employment the following day of Friday last. He and a member of his staff told me that my case had been passed to the Court Service.

A possession order has recently been made for my home following the use of that judicial crime and the additional use of crime used against me by others.

Senior police officers of both Durham and Northumbria Police have refused to accept the evidence of the use of crime used against me by judges sitting at the above named courts and the evidence of crime used against me by others who I have named to police. I provide you with a copy of the statutory declaration sworn by solicitor Mr Paul Graney and evidence that what he had sworn in it was untrue. His statutory declaration which I refer, was used to make a fraudulent entry on the register of the Durham District Land Registry. Solicitor Alison Stott is shown in the documents that I provide to you to have been made aware that fraud had been used in that matter. She was at the very least party to its concealment whereas her duty as a solicitor was to have reported it to the relevant authorities. Solicitor Alison Stott was at all material times aware that fraud had been used by solicitor Mr Paul Graney. Miss Shirley Carr was also in the full knowledge of the matters concerning the statutory declaration of solicitor Mr Paul Graney at all material times. Inspector Atkinson of Northumbria Police and detective Inspector Durham Constabulary have both refused to accept the evidence showing that solicitor Mr Paul Graney had sworn false information in his statutory declaration. Previously detective sergeant McGann and detective constable Storey. then stationed at Houghton Police Station had also refused to accept a copy of Paul Graney's statutory declaration and the evidence showing that what he had sworn in it was untrue. They refused to take any action on it even when they agreed with us after seeing the evidence we showed to them relevant to the statutory declaration, that the information sworn in solicitor Mr Paul Graney's statutory declaration was untrue.

I have found it necessary to make a formal complaint against them for having refused to receive that evidence and investigate it. I am all the more certain now that I am subject of a conspiracy. That conspiracy clearly began in full after I contributed to the House of Commons Home affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary.

I am further concerned that land under the Newcastle County Court case NE401650 has been registered at HM Durham District Land Registry to Miss Shirley Carr under a possessory title. She agreed in her affidavit that I had fenced off that land on the 14th of February 1994. Under the Limitations Act to gain a possessory title to land or property requires twelve years continued and undisturbed possession of it and without any adverse claim having been made. That clearly was not the situation as required by law. You are aware that recorder John H Fryer-Spedding had claimed in circumstances that were false, that a period of thirty years was required to claim a possessory title to that land. Both I and my father (now deceased) had used the land in continued possession of it, undisturbed and without adverse claim having been made against us. By virtue of the law, at the time I fenced off that land in the full knowledge of my father, we had both acquired title to it.

It is also worthy of note here that former solicitor Mr Paul Graney then practicing from Newbottle Street, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne-Wear, had sworn false information in his statutory declaration that was used to lodge a caution on the land subject of case NE401650. In 1995 I and my wife were interviewed by detective sergeant McGann and detective constable Storey at Houghton Police Station. They saw the evidence that solicitor Mr Paul Graney had sworn perjury in his statutory declaration that I refer here to. They claimed that perjury used in civil court cases was not a police matter and refused to act on it. A similar allegation, false in the circumstances was made again quite recently by Inspector Atkinson stationed at Washing Police. On two occasions he has refused to accept documentary facts and evidence of crime used in these matters from me. Detective sergeant McGann and D.I Storey, told us that we should go to solicitor Mr Paul Graney and confront him with the evidence showing that he had not told the truth in his statutory declaration. When we did that solicitor Graney agreed to swear an affidavit stating that the untrue information that he had sworn in it had been given to him by others. He had not of course made that known in his statutory declaration. By having failed in their public duty to receive evidence of that crime and the use of it by others , let alone act on it, Northumbria Police have caused me very serious damage. That damage continues at this present time. Solicitor Alison Stott and Miss Shirley Carr were also aware of the perjury sworn in solicitor Graney's statutory declaration used to make a fraudulent entry at HM Land Registry. Both were party to its cover up. Miss Shirley Carr it seems then used it to apply for registration of our land at HM Land Registry in Newcastle county Court case NE401650. She had previously commenced an action against me for trespass on the land. I was not in any circumstances that at the time I fenced off our land.

It was confirmed last year following searches at the Durham County Court by its manager Mr Hunt and later myself, that there was no authority on the court files allowing either solicitor Alison Stott or Miss Shirley Carr to prepare the judges bundle. Solicitor Stott at first appeared to have carried out that work. Then it came to light that she had passed on that work without the courts authority to Miss Shirley Carr who she alleged was her client. It is shown and proved that Miss Shirley Carr then omitted material documents from the judges bundle. One such document was her application and subsequent refusal by the Durham County Court on the 1st of June 1994 for consolidation of the three court actions underway between us. I was the Plaintiff in two of them.

Then after the above had taken place and both solicitor Stott and Shirley Carr had been instrumental in my imprisonment at Durham , solicitor Alison Stott declared to the Newcastle County Court on the 17th of January 1996 that up to that time she had not been acting for Shirley Carr she had only been assisting her. As Shirley Carr's "assistant" solicitor Alison Stott had no right whatsoever to have accepted any work from the courts. That work included her involvement in my imprisonment and then allegedly preparing the judges bundle and then secretly passing on that work for Shirley Carr to carry out. Solicitor Stott confirmed that fact by letter afterwards when I found documents missing from the judges bundle. Solicitor Stott and Shirley Carr were aware that I was not in a position to verify the full extent of the documents omitted from the judges bundle. My files on the cases had first of all been withheld from me by then solicitor Nancy Bone of Durham and then by solicitors Jackson & Co of Darlington. There had never in the circumstances been an agreed bundle for use in the hearing of the cases as falsely alleged. In fact my files for use in the cases were in the main not available to me during the final hearing of the cases before recorder John H Fryer-Spedding. At the time the cases were tried and ruled on, the Durham County Court order made on the 1st of June 1994 refusing consolidation of the cases that had been omitted from the judges bundle by Shirley Carr clearly by means of fraud was still in force.

Despite Shirley Carr and solicitor Alison Stott having been in the full awareness that serious fraud had been used against me by them throughout, solicitor Stott then acted for Shirley Carr in my bankruptcy derived from its use by them. The costs order made against me in the cases included those claimed by solicitor Stott at a time she was only acting as the assistant to Shirley Carr. Those matters also clearly come under the Theft Act as does the registration of my land, and that of my late fathers estate to Shirley Carr.

There are a very large number of other facts to show the serious fraud that has been used against me by solicitor Alison Stott and Shirley Carr to bring me to my present situation of claim by Shirley Carr for the possession of my home and land situated nearby. The above is only part of it.

I also provide you with further facts and evidence herein of other fraud that has been used against me to bring me to my present situation. The above is not as you will know, the substantive facts and evidence of the fraud that has been used against me.

The above information I, the undersigned, have stated and written above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief


I look forward to your reply to the above matters.

Yours sincerely

Mr Maurice Kellett

16A The Lyons


Tyne-Wear DH5 0HT.


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