Tuesday 24th December 2002.

The Plot Thickens ?

On the 23rd of December 2002 I went to the Washington, Tyne-Wear police station in an attempt to have police act on the matter of the more serious fraud that had been used by Miss National Insurance Inspector Miss Shirley Carr in the matter of the Durham County Court case number DH400950 and DH400898 where I was the plaintiff and Newcastle County Court case NE401650 where I was the defendant in alleged trespass. It had come to light during my long meeting with the solicitor of the Durham District Land Registry solicitor Mr Peed that Shirley Carr had used fraud to register land subject of case NE401650 very shortly after she commenced trespass proceedings against me in March of 1994. She had unlawfully registered by means of fraud the land subject of case NE401650 on July 12 1994.

At no time whatsoever had Shirley Carr made known to myself or the courts that she had registered that land despite requests for her to provide details of her reasons for declaring me a trespasser on the land. It is now shown that for Shirley Carr to have provided the information that she had registered the land on the 12th of July 1994, would have brought to light that she had used serious fraud to have it registered to her. Shirley Carr carried on her serious fraud by then having me made bankrupt under the costs awarded by then recorder John h Fryer-Spedding. On or around the 22nd of November 2002 Shirley Carr then by means and assisted by her original use of fraud, had registered to her my home and land that she obtained from the Trustee in bankruptcy Mr I. W. Kings of Sunderland. Solicitors, who I will shortly name on this site, had it would appear, failed to make known to the trustee in bankruptcy that fraud had also been used by fellow solicitor Alison Stott who had previously practised from Aykley Vale Chambers, Aykley Heads Durham. All solicitors have a duty to report any such matters of the use of fraud to the relevant authorities. That additional use of fraud used by solicitor Alison Stott also contributed and assisted Shirley Carr in making me bankrupt and therefore allowing her to register my home and land in her name.

Returning to Inspector Atkinson of Washington, Tyne Wear, Police Station yesterday afternoon the 23rd of December 2002, refused to act on the evidence of the additional serious fraud that had been used by Miss Shirley Carr that came to light at the Durham District Land Registry. He would not look at the documentary evidence of it, then he refused to take it from me when I requested that he do that. I had asked him if he was a Freemason as I believe that Masonic influence/control has played a large part in what has been done to me. I had contributed to the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the police and judiciary. When I would not take the additional evidence I had taken for Inspector Atkinson to look at back with me and had insisted that Inspector Atkinson take it from me for use an investigation I gave it to the officer who was on duty at the Washington police Station Desk. Inspector Atkinson stood and watched. The officer on the desk seemed bewildered as to what to do with the evidence and eventually Inspector Atkinson told the officer to take it. I have no knowledge what has happened to that evidence since then.

In addition, Inspector Atkinson told me yesterday that fraud used in civil cases was not a police matter. He had also told me that as well three years or so ago. As a friend has reminded me today, Geffrey Archer is in prison for his use of fraud in a civil action? Inspector Atkinson has been wrong about his allegation that police cannot act on such use of fraud. It should also be noted here, that by law dating even from ancient times, any authority who has the power to act on crime and does not do so is held to be guilty of that crime as if they had carried it out themselves. I had also informed Inspector Atkinson that by failing to act on the fraud I had reported to him and by refusing to accept the evidence of it he rendered himself liable to citizens arrest under the ruling Regina v Dytham which upheld the crime of misconduct in public office.

On the 16th of December Shirley Carr was given an order to take possession of my home by Saturday the 28th of December. That order had been given on the bed of serious fraud that she has used that Northumbria Police have failed to act on, particularly that which came to light at the Durham District Land Registry on the 6th Of December 2002.

There are other moves in progress which I am unable as yet to publish details about. Just as soon as I am able to, I will also publish facts about that as well. However the order allowing Shirley Carr to possess my home was ultra vires (illegal) and those who have been party to that are held to be personally liable to damages that have been caused to me arising from that.

Maurice Kellett.

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