The evidence of yet more substantial fraud used against me in Durham County Court Case NE401650 by Miss Shirley Carr of 16 The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne-Wear DH5 0HT.

There follows below the copy of a letter written in the hand of the Durham District Land Registrar solicitor. It was signed by me after he wrote it.

Shirley Carr commenced proceedings against me for alleged trespass in March or 1994 of the land subject of Newcastle County Court case NE401650. On the 6th of December 2002 it came to light during my very long meeting with the solicitor for the Durham District Land Registrar that Carr had in fact registered the land subject of case NE401650 into her name on the 12th of July 1994. The case went on until October 1996. Then recorder John H Fryer-Spedding tried three civil actions, in Durham County Court case numbers DH400950, DH400898 where I was the plaintiff, under Carr's single case of my alleged trespass under her Newcastle County Court case number NE401650. Spedding falsely alleged that the three cases had been subject of a consolidation order under Carr's case and then tried them as a single action thereby causing me very serious damage. Solicitor Alison Stott, then practising from Aykley Vale Chambers, Aykley Heads, Durham City, had accepted the work from the Durham County Court for preparing the judges bundles ready for trial. She also accepted work from the Durham County Court in the matter of wording a proposed undertaking between Carr and I. The proceedings were then adjourned. An injunction was granted in the favour of Carr when neither Stott or the Durham County Court presided over by District Judge Cuthbertson, had failed to inform me when those adjourned proceedings were to recommence. I was imprisoned under it for alleged contempt of court in July of 1996. Then on the 17th of January 1996 solicitor Stott declared to the Newcastle County Court presided over by then recorder John H Fryer-Spedding declared that she had not been acting for Carr but had only been assisting her. As an assistant to Carr, it had been unlawful for Stott to accept any work from any court in the matter of the cases between myself and Carr.

After Stott had unlawfully accepted the work of preparing the judges bundles ready for trial, she then secretly passed it on for Carr to carry out which was more evidence of the fraud that both of these people had used against me. Carr then left out documents from the bundles. Part of it was her application and subsequent refusal by the Durham County Court to consolidate my two above court actions into her single action under case NE401650. Two statutory declarations sworn by me and my father (now my late father) that were handed to a Mr Kevin Kerrigan, of the University of Northumbria Law Clinic, then acting for Carr. Copies were also produced to Deputy District Judge Baird whio had himself carried out a serious crime against me that I had brought to light. He had heard my appeal from the ruling of District Judge Cuthbertson in the matter of damage to our home. A deputy district judge, as Baird was, is not allowed by law to hear any appeal. He is the lowest rank of judge.

The two statutory declarations mentioned above that were used as evidence of my and my fathers title to the land subject of case NE401650 do not also appear to have been included in the judges bundles that both solicitor Stott and Carr had unlawfully prepared. The copies that I had handed to Kevin Kerrigan and DJ Baird had not been stamped by the court to show that they were Exhibits in the case. They never came up during the unlawful trial of the cases.

Then on the 6th of December 2002 came the proof that on the 11th of July 1994 Carr had unlawfully registered by means of fraud the land subject of Newcastle County Court case NE401650. Despite the use of further fraud carried out against me by then recorder John H Fryer-Spedding, he ruled in October of 1996 that Carr was not entitled to a title by possession of the land subject of the case. Throughout the cases from March 1994 Carr had never made me or the courts aware that she had unlawfully registered at HM Land Registry the land subject of the cases. To have declared that during the cases would have highlighted that already from the 12th of July 1994 she had commenced to use serious fraud in an attempt to defeat me. Carr is shown by evidence to have used both substantial and material perjury throughout the duration of the cases prior to my having learned of her serious fraud during my meeting with the solicitor of the Durham District Land Registry solicitor on the 6th of December 2002.

Carr's and solicitor Stott's use of fraud against me continued when they were involved in making me bankrupt under the costs awarded against me by John H Fryer-Spedding in the falsely consolidated case of NE401650. My father collapsed and died only hours after its publication. My thirty years marriage also came to an end almost certainly under the stress of the situation where lie after lie had been allowed by Carr in what appears to have been a conspiracy to make me lose my cases. I attribute that conspiracy to Freemasonry. In 1996 I had supplied Lord Nolan with documents that were used in the House of Commons Home affairs Select Committee Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary.

Despite being in the full knowledge that her own part in serious fraud had allowed her to make me bankrupt, Carr then purchased my home and land from the trustee of my alleged bankruptcy, Mr I.W. Kings of Sunderland. On the 9th of December 2002 Carr applied to the Durham County Court for possession of my home and land. It was transferred to the Teesside County Court and was due to have been heard on the 16th of December 2002. Durham County Court could not hear it because of the crimes shown by evidence, to have been used against me by judges at that court.

Questions that come to mind are:

Why have police not arrested Carr and solicitor Stott for serious fraud?

 Why did the Durham District Land Registry not stop registration of my home and land to Carr when they learned that serious fraud had been used by Carr to obtain possession of them?

Why Did the Durham District Land Registry not inform the police when they learned that Carr had registered land subject of case NE401650 by use of her own fraud and by that used by others?

Why was it alleged that my files of papers that I has supplied to the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors, in relation to solicitor Alison Stott had gone missing and thought to have been destroyed in a flood at their offices. Why after those files had gone missing, was I never asked if I could replace the copies of the files that had gone missing at the OSS?

Why have Northumbria Police failed to investigate and act on crime that had been used against me by Carr and solicitor Stott?

Why have Durham Constabulary falsely stated that when a judge lies it is a judicial decision and is therefore protected?

Why was no action taken against Deputy District Judge Baird when he unlawfully heard my appeal at the Durham County Court from the judgement of District Judge Scott-Phillips?

Why have the various solicitors who have been made aware of fraud used by solicitor Stott failed to carry out their duties as solicitors and officers of the courts, and report these facts to the relevant authorities?


The list goes on and on so I will not add further to it at present.

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