Below is copied I received from the Durham District Land Registrar Mr Patrick Timothy. It should have been apparent to him in 1999 when I first had a meeting with him that Shirley Carr had used fraud to register my and now my late fathers land into her sole name. That was at a time shortly after she commenced trespass proceedings against me in the matter of land subject of Newcastle County Court case NE401650. She commenced trespass proceedings against me in March of 1999. It went on until October of 1999. Carr had never made to myself or the courts that she had unlawfully registered the land subject of the dispute under case NE401650 at any time. She is shown to have used fraud to register the land on July 12 1994. To have made that known to the courts or myself would have brought to light the serious fraud she had used against me so early on in the court proceedings. The courts ruled anyway in October of 1996 that she had no title to the land. Still she kept her silence and then went on with her accomplice in crime, solicitor Alison Stott, then practising from Aykley Vale Chambers, Durham. Stotts crime is detailed in other pages on this web site. They went on to make me bankrupt from the costs awarded against me by recorder John H Fryer-Spedding who carried out many acts that perverted the course of justice. He fled the scene when I reported them to former Lord Chancellor Mackay.

It is worthy of note here that the Lord Chancellors Department are heavily involved in the cover up of judicial crime. To ask them to involve themselves in anything to do with the Land Registry would in the circumstances be nothing short of foolish. Fraser Kemp MP has already shown that there are no authorities in the UK who will act on judicial crime.

Britain under Tony Blair is now a Tyranny and the mass of evidence showing that continues to increase.

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