Below is copied the claim made against me by Shirley Carr. Many of the claims were and remain disputed. I had certainly never at any time trespassed on Carr's property as is alleged. In fact a man living with Carr, a butchers assistant, made a written statement to the courts that he had trespassed on our property and had altered guttering on it which enabled more the flow of drainage coming from Carr's property onto our own.

Of particular relevance in the document below was that barrister Mr Richard Merritt knew that the cases DH400950, DH400898, of which I was in fact the plaintiff and case NE401650 were not to be subject of consolidation (single case) as recorder John H Fryer-Spedding had falsely claimed that they had been. When barrister Richard Merritt was aware that the cases were not subject of consolidation (single case) the particulars of claim were re-submitted to solicitor Mrs Paula Tench and the courts in triplicate. All that had been done was to place a line through those parts that were not of relevance to each particular case. It is also further proof that solicitor Alison Stott knew that the latter cases were subject of a court order refusing consolidation of the cases that was made by District Judge Scott-Phillips sitting at the Durham County Court on the 1st of June 1994. Both Stott and Merritt never made it known to any of the courts that the cases were not to be subject of consolidation as their duty as Officers of the Courts required of them. This is considered to be a further act of deception that was used against me. At the outset of the cases before John H Fryer-Spedding on the 21st of October 1996 I told him that it was my understanding that the cases were to be tried separately. His reply was that he preferred it that way. He still however went on and tried them as a single case and falsely claimed that they had been subject of consolidation. The Newcastle County Court refused me access to the tape recordings of the proceedings before recorder John H Fryer Spedding to enable me to make a transcript of them as further evidence of the crime that was used against me. By refusing me access to those tape recordings, The Newcastle County Court was in breach of my rights which allowed my access to them. When I wrote asking for the name of the judge who had refused me access to the tapes, my letter to the Newcastle County Court was ignored.

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