This is my daughter Dawn as she was around the age of 12 years..  She does not know it yet but she is a victim of the Masonic Mafia. What has happened will have a lasting affect and influence on her  for the rest of her life.                                                                  


To the right is my former wife and daughter Lisa I use the words "former wife" lightly. The divorce which she believes she has was obtained by fraud.





Judge Grills sitting at the Harrogate County Court granted my wife's Petition for Divorce He it would not agree or deny that he had visited Masonic Halls when requested by me to do so. He never gave me the opportunity to reply to my wife's Petition for Divorce thus breaching his judicial oath of fairness sworn to the Queen. When I wrote to the Queen asking if she bears any responsibility to act on breaches of the judicial oath sworn to her, it became very clear that she has no responsibility. The judicial oath of fairness is shown therefore to be yet another lie under which the UK public live. Breaching the judicial oath is in fact an act of high treason. This is a very serious crime but only when the authorities will act on it in the public interest.

The divorce is invalidated by reason of a ruling made by the late Lord Denning which is still valid today. "No order of any court or government minister can stand if fraud has been used to obtain it."  Grills, the judge involved, did not give me the opportunity to reply to the lies my wife used in her petition for divorce. Grills was thus not only in breach of his judicial oath, but was also in breach of Article 6 of the European Human Rights Convention. Divorce is now known to be a massive business clearly designed to convert the assets of the couple involved into legal costs. The more aggression solicitors can stir up between a couple, the more the costs the more that they receive.. More on this fact later backed up by evidence. 

Below is another photograph of my wife who now lives in our other property at Dacre Banks, near Pately Bridge, North Yorkshire. Lisa lives close by at Fellbeck and is employed as a Pharmacist at Ilkley, North Yorkshire.

The story of what took place after my wife believed I could not beat the Masonic Mafia who are assisting her will be published in full. In her Petition for Divorce my wife swore that I had an irrational fear of a conspiracy of Freemasonry against me. She would have known that was utterly untrue. At times she accompanied me with the logging of car registration details outside of Masonic Halls while meetings were underway. She was also with me when a Mr Frank Last called at our home. He warned me that unless I stopped my anti-Masonic action, then our home might be burned down. He cited as an example a man he named as John Coates who he said owned a deep freezer centre at South Shilelds. He said because he had refused to back away from Freemasonry it had resulted in the burning down of his deep freezer centre situated at South Shields. My wife had also become aware that many UK judges were masons. Obviously there was purpose in what she placed in her Petition for Divorce. More on these matters later.


 Here is my wife with Monty an alsation who was also a member of our family. Monty remained faithful to me right to the end. I had to have him destroyed on December 3 1999. I miss him greatly. The love I thought my wife had for him turned out to be another lie. An event that took place at Fellbeck in 1998 proved that beyond all reasonable doubt. Carr used him as a weapon. She scratched on the fence adjoining our properties and aggravated him to bark. She tape recorded Monty barking as a result of that. This was after she had falsely alleged to the Public Health Authority that Monty barked incessantly. A copy of the evidence to prove this is available as a copy of that tape recording, which had suitably been subject of editing for her use in having me imprisoned at Durham for alleged contempt of court in 1996..                                                                    

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