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1) Go to photocopy of the opening paragraph of former recorder John H Fryer-Spedding's approved transcript of  judgment showing that he wrongly tried the actions as if they had been subject of a consolidation order. He was thus held to be in contempt of Supreme Court Rules. He was required to have seen an order for consolidation of the cases before trying them as a single action. At the time an order refusing consolidation of the cases was in force. My wife and I did not own No. 17 as stated by Spedding.

2) Go to a photocopy of the Court 0rder made at the Durham County Court by District Judge Scott-Phillips refusing Carr's application for consolidation of the three actions made on June 1st 1994

3) Go to a copy taken from John H Fryer-Spedding's approved transcript of judgment showing that it was his intention to deprive me of my rights.

4) Go to a photocopy of an order made by the Duham County Court showing that Deputy District Judge Baird unlawfully heard my appeal from an order of a District Judge. An order appealled from a District Judge must be heard by a Circuit Judge. A Deputy District Judge is not allowed by law to hear any appeal. Baird would have been aware that he was not allowed by law to hear my appeal in this matter. Shortly after that time Baird was the first one to hear the cases between Carr and I in action NE401650. The axe he had to grind because I had previously exposed him in the matter above would appear to have been well and truly sharpened for use against me. There are more facts surrounding Baird's unlawful activities.

5) John H Fryer-Spedding would have been aware of Section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925. He was alleged to have Chancery experience. This Law applies to the conveyance of all land and property and even a simple solicitor is well versed with it. The Act that says that all rights, easements, priviledges, appurtanances, ect. existing at the time of a sale of a property shall be deemed to pass in the conveyance of it unless specifically revoked at the time of the conveyance. Here former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding again defies law of which he was most certainly fully aware of so it seems that he could fabricate false reasons to rule against me. My father had also sworn that when he and my mother sold the property to us, those accepted rights of access etc. passed with the sale. However, those rights also remain protected by virtue of Section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925. Those rights still remain, but judges such as Spedding have defied even the law to stop me from excercising my rights under it. Of course Spedding has been shown herein to have agreed that he was depriving me of my rights. He confirmed that in his approved transcript of judgement. No judge can lawfully deprive anyone of their rights. Rights are safeguarded by national and international law. But UK courts are now shown to be carrying out criminal acts in regard to this.

6) Recorder John H Fryer-Spedding had the title deeds to both respective properties No. 16 and 16A  in front of him, and agreed that fact. He again did not tell the truth by stating that No's 16 and 16A had been divided on February 2 1976. This was very material to my defence and actions. If the properties had been divided at that time, then no rights could pass with No. 16A other than any that were reserved or granted in the conveyance at that time. Since before even 1947 both properties had already been divided and had been in continual diversity of occupation since that time. Any rights of tenants in No 16A, relative to rights privileges, etc. over the land of No. 16 passed with the sale of our property to us when No. 16A was conveyed to my wife on February 2 1976 unless they had been specifically revoked. This is the law as denied to me by John H Fryer-Spedding. This is despite those rights having been agreed by the vendors of the property No. 16 and 16A. Spedding obviously looked for a way around this fact, but clearly the only way around it was for him to fail to tell the truth about it again.

7) Here is the proof that John H Fryer Spedding had again failed to tell the truth in regard to the above paragraph.

8) Recorder John H Fryer-Spedding did not tell the truth when he stated that the Enquiries Before Contract at the time Shirley Carr purchased No. 16 had been lost. At no time whatsoever in any proceeding between Carr and I had that matter been raised. I am being denied access to further evidence by what amounts to the Judicial Mafia operating from the Newcastle Combined Courts. They will not allow me access to the tape recordings made of the proceedings made during the proceedings before their former judicial colleage John H. Fryer-Spedding.

8A) Go to the Approved Transcript of Judgement of recorder John Fryer-Spedding along with my replies to it sworn in a Statement of Truth. Fraser Kemp MP was supplied with a copy of it. He was also provided with some of the available evidence to back up my allegations of judicial and other crime. I gather from him that he supplied copies of that evidence to the Lord Chancellor, The Parliamentary Commissioner, The Home Office, and the Attorney General. These authorities have all denied any responsibility to act on judicial crime. Of interest is that recorder John H Fryer-Spedding said that his intention was to deprive me of my rights. That is confirmed by him in his approved Transcript Of Judgement details of which are published on this link.

12) Solicitor Nancy Bone another solicitor found guilty of criminal acts, since struck off the register of solicitors, retained all of my files by lien relative to the first months of litigation between criminal Carr and I. She wanted more than two thousand pounds for making an application for legal aid. That had never been told to us at the time at the time legal aid was applied for by Bone. The circumstances of how that came about is a long story. I applied to Durham County Court to be allowed to go to the office of Nancy Bone to take copies from my files so that I could continue to carry on as a litigant in person. When Bone breached that order I reported her contempt to the Durham County Court. I received the reply that District Judge Scott-Phillips had said that my visit to Bones office was not by order of the court but had only been done by Bone's consent . Here is part of  the evidence that District Judge Scott-Phillips was not telling the truth. He had obviously protected Bone against a charge of contempt of Court. Later, Bone's business was closed down and she was struck from the register of solicitors. It seems that I had not been the only one of her victims. Bone ended up before a criminal court and it would seem her sentence was very minimal as is the sentence of many solicitors who carry out criminal acts. I never obtained my files back that Bone had held until long after the hearing before criminal John H. Fryer-Spedding.

13) Part of the evidence of deliberate perjury sworn by Miss Shirley Carr and which has been placed before judges and police who have chosen to ignore it because its shown that they must have needed Shirley Carr for use as a weapon against me. This is the way that Masonic Mafia controlled authorities work when they need to destroy a man who will not give way to their organisation and crimes connected with it.

14) Here is the evidence of Shirley Carr's perjury in respect of her sworn statement contained in her affidavit of  May 12, 1994 when she then swore perjury by her statement: " The situation was eventually resolved when Mr & Mrs Green had the property connected to the main drainage system in February 1988."

15) Go to evidence that Carr swore further perjury when she falsely stated in her affidavit of May 12 1994 that it had been Mrs & Mrs Green who had the drainage work carried out on their property in February of 1988. In fact the evidence shown here proves it was Shirley Carr herself who had that work carried out.

16) Some acts of solicitor Alison Stott of Aykley Vale Chambers, Aykley Heads, Durham City exposed here.

17) Go to a copy of the Statutory Declaration containing perjury sworn by solicitor Paul Graney.

18) Go to part one of some of the evidence to show that solicitor Graney had sworn perjury.

19) Go to second part of some of the evidence to show that solicitor Graney  had sworn perjury.

20) Go to the affidavit sworn by solicitor Paul Graney after he was confronted with evidence showing he had sworn perjury in his statutory declaration.

21) Go to a letter received from the Clerk to the Northumbria Police Authority Mr L.N. Elton. I submitted my complaints about Northumbria Police and its Chief Constable Mr Crispian Strachan. Chief Constable Strachan is believed to be a mason( never denied by him in my letters). My complaints also referred to Mr Strachan for failing in his duty in the matter of the crime used against me. Mr Elton writes that the matter is to be investigated by the Deputy Chief Constable. Under PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act)the Northumbria Police Authority are deemed by law under the Act to refer my allegations and complaints to another police force for investigation. If Northumbria Police had done the job required of them, Miss Shirley Carr, solicitor Alison Stott and others named herein who atre shown by evidence to have used crime in the cases between Shirley Carr and I should have been subject of arrest by now. Masonic Mafia police are known to take action against the anti-masonic victims of crime and protect the criminal. They are most certainly aware that the courts are also infested by their brother masons. In these circumstances they clearly believe themselves to be the untouchables.

22) Go to paragraph 7 of Carr's sworn affidavit of May 12 1994. This affidavit is shown by the satements made by Shirley Carr in it to be almost in total content to be perjury and attempted deception. Former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding and other judges who saw this affidavit, would undoubtedly have seen that the statements being sworn by Shirley Carr in her affidavit of May 12 1994 were perjury. I accuse them of having the obvious intent that I was to be the victim of crime. They are being protected by the police. The London Court of Appeal. Lord Irvine, Woolf, Bingham, Jack Straw, and PM Tony Blair were sent evidence of my allegations made on this site. By failing to take action on that evidence as is the paid public duty requires of them, they are as a result of it deemed to be guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office. It can carry with it a prison sentence of up to seven years. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

23) Go to paragraphs 8) to 12) of Shirley Carr's affidavit of May 12 1994 which to be almost in total perjury. This affidavit was of course seen  by the various Judges named herein operating on the North East Court Circuit. They saw this evidence and totally ignored it in the same way they did with all material evidence that would have assisted my actions and my defence.

24) Go to extracts taken from a survey report carried out by Mr Ian Smales, a surveyor employed by Carr. In it he confirms that Carr had committed perjury when she swore that no water drained down her property's rear yard in the direction of our property No 16A. Carr had resided at No 16 The Lyons, from August 26 1988. Smales carried out his survey in 1995. Can anyone really believe that in all that time Carr was not aware that her property's rear yard  was sloped in the direction of our property? Can anyone also believe that Carr  had not been aware  in all that time that all water falling and seeping onto the rear of her property was not draining down her property's rear yard in the direction of our property No. 16A?   Read here what Mr Smales said he did with a bucket of water and what the outcome was. The fact that Carr is nothing but an outright liar is again proved  by  Mr Smales and that lies such as these were included into her affidavits which then became perjured evidence. An affidavit sworn by Carr on May 12 1994, of relevance to Smales survey report shown here, is also published within this section.

25) Go to further evidence of criminal corruption at Durham County Court. Why did Mr Dennis Richardson who worked in its Court office end up being found dead in a river at Weardale? Why did local TV say just before Christmas 1999 that his disappearance was believed to be something to do with his work. Police say their are no suspicious circumstances in the matter of his death. Can the police be trusted in the light that they are shown by evidence to be active in covering up and indeed protecting crime?

26) Here are some photographs of my family before the the Masonic Mafia managed to destroy us as a family.

27)  Click here to see more evidence of the activities of solicitor Alison Stott aided and abetted by her partner Miss Shirley Carr. How many solicitors are there out there like Stott? How many criminals are being protected by high authority especially when anti-masons are involved? Why is the Office For The Supervision of Solicitors still protecting Stott and have blatantly allowed me to one of her victims? The answer is simple, they are part of the UK Establishment criminals who often lead us to believe that they are in place for the general public interest. In fact they are shown in so many cases to be in place to protect the interests of our many corrupt solicitors.

28) Here is the affidavit sworn by my wife Joyce Kellett on October 8 1996. In it she verifies the declaration made by solicitor Alison Stott that up until that day of January 17 1996 she had not been acting for Miss Shirley Carr but had only been assisting her.  A copy of this affidavit was suppled to Legal Services Ombudsman Ann Abraham. Upon receipt of a copy of this affidavit the Legal Services Ombudsman' office replied, "...the affidavit by Mrs Kellett is mainly about what happened in court."! This affidavit, and there is another was proof that Stott had only been assisting and not Carr's advocate up until that time. This is evidence of Stott's gross misconduct which along with others, amounts to a criminal act

In these circumstances, for the previous one and a half years prior to January 17 1996, Stott had no legal standing. During that time Stott had been given work by the courts to carry out relative to the cases between Carr and I. The work had included the preparation of the judges bundle, which Stott then secretly passed on for Carr to carry out. That in the circumstances would be what she would have been expected to do. Carr then deliberately left out documentation from it. Stott was also involved in the granting of an injunction against me on October 17 1995. Because she had no legal standing at that time by virtue of her declaration to the Newcastle County Court on  17 January 1996, both that injunction, and my subsequent imprisonment at Durham arising from it were also unlawful. I had a stroke while I was in prison. The injunction order had been obtained by means of fraud. Parties to that fraud were Stott and Carr  assistised by DJ Cuthbertson who is heavily implicated in it. Under a ruling of the late Lord Denning, "No order of a court or government minister can stand if fraud has been used to obtain it." That injunction order granted in the circumstances sworn by my wife does not stand. Not any number of judges can rule against this fact unless they too are corrupt.

29) Click here to see part of the evidence showing action that Carr took to ensure that the drainage from the rear of her property No. 16  was being channeled through to our property No. 16A. It is taken from part of  the video film evidence shown to recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding. The video film evidence is to be converted into photographs which hopefully following that,  will allow more evidence to be shown of just what Carr, assisted by very corrupt forces has up to now been allowed to get away with

30) Click here to see proof that a written statement being made to me by the Northumbria Police Authority is untrue.

31) Go to the contents of the approved transcript of judgement of recorder John Fryer-Spedding along with my reply to it sworn as a Statement of Truth. All of the various relevant authorities, The Parliamentary Commissioner, The Home Office, The Lord Chancellor, The Attorney General and including Fraser Kemp MP, have been given a copy of it. None of them will act on the matter of the massive and blatant judicial crime that has been used against me. Fraser Kemp MP has written in regard to these facts that he is not permitted to raise questions in the House of Commons regarding what is now a serious constitutional issue. It is clear therefore that Britain's justice system is out of public control and has become a law unto itself. This document is large and substantial.

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