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New Link on the 13th October 2002. This site is still in its infancy and under construction. It deals with women's land rights in the UK, or should that be the lack of them?

Flagship website by American political writer Dorothy A. Seese. My meeting up with Dorothy was not by chance. Her soul is imprinted within her writing and that is a gift few have.

Promoting Civil Rights.

Web site of my very dear friend Eva in memory of her late husband Gerry Adshead. Gerry was a mason and did not want to tow the evil Masonic line. This site shows what was done to him

An American site with similar concerns of the victims of the UK judiciary: The real Jewish Bible?

Miscarriages of Justice UK (MOJUK)

The Bilderberg Mob and what they are up to.

Open Justice Campaign.

Facts about the real world?

Masonic Satanic Vision

Justice In Family Law

A site with some different ideas on how to deal with the problem of Freemasonry.

The unofficial website of Surrey Police blowing the whistle on police matters.

A new addition to my links. Its Webmaster is very obviously a man who sees the world for what it is. Please click on the centre of what appears to be a cactus to enter the site.

A web site for all Truthseekers. Highly recommended.

Eye Of The Mind.

Exposing the truth of the real world today.

A Guide To Police Law. (Know your rights)

Shri-Lanka Link.

Third World Help

Link to the Tamil Tigers in Shri-Lanka (Not in my opinion a terrorist group at all but people for who have decided to fight for their rights when all else failed.)

The truth about Israeli aggression, assassination and murder from a Palestinian source

A web site with a comprehensive history of Freemasonry and what it is.

Masonic Origins

Five ways in which masons violate the word of God.

Web site managed by journalist David Icke. David is well aware of what the New World Order is really all about.

The murder trial of John Sayers is due to take place at the Leeds, UK Crown Court in May 2002. A web site publishing day to day coverage of the trial has been set up. This may be a new event for Internet publishing.

Masters of Truth Fathers of Lies

A site managed by my friend Paul Jenkins

Freedom From Freemasonry

Charles Bronson's web site. If you want an insight into a world most have little knowledge of, this is the place to visit.

Facts about Freemasonry.

Click here  for a site managed by Jim Hulbert another victim of the Masonic Judicial Mafia.

UK HUMAN RIGHTS. If you want to know the real truth about the British Justice system and the UK's abuse of human rights, this is the site that will supply the true information regarding these things.

Facts about the UK crime of Misconduct  in Public Office,


Tele.01223 327634. Organiser- Suzon Forcey-Moor, Americam Law Researcher.

Punch Magazine,  Fax 0171 2256766.

This site contains information about Freemasonry and I am informed by them that they hold a list of infamous Freemasons.

A different view of Freemasonry along with the implications that Freemasonry had a hand in the assassination of U.S. President J.F.Kennedy.

Religion and Freemasonry.

Power Elite Information Service.

A site managed by Doc777 in Ireland.

Ex masons for Jesus Christ. for Jesus

Site managed by American evangelist Texe Marrs

Cuttingedge Ministries.


New site by Alan Macdonald and his problems with police.

A site managed by Othernews. Article about concerns of Freemasonry within the judiciary.

Freemasons-or hypocrits for short

Conspiracy world.

Zionism from an Islamic point of view.

The Talmud, the real Jewish Bible?


Under the false authority of the 1974 Court of Appeal  precedents, a system has been developed whereby State policy can be intruded into any  Civil or Criminal Trial so that the verdict does not represent a Magna Carta quality of justice, but merely whatever degree of justice it suits The State to allow at the particular time and place. A facade of Magna Carta justice is preserved within this feudal reality in order to protect the judges against public wrath".

The above is an extract from the latest publication of,  New Democracy Politics,  P.O. Box 187, Chesterfield, Derbs., S40 2DU. UK. Telephone or fax number is (UK 44) 01246 555 713. Free copies of the full publication are available from the above address.

My thanks and acknowledgement to Eric of New Democracy Politics for his permission to publish the above extract. He is a man truly devoted to the cause of justice for all.

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