Comment: I have had dealings with the Court Service and know that it is more determined in protecting judicial corruption than in resolving it. This fact alone shows that it does not act in the general public interest.


The Manager

The Durham County Court

Hallgarth Street

Durham City.

To Be Published For And In The General Public Interest.

My reference MK/JU/ Y002

Sunday 25th August 2002.

Dear Sir

I thank you for your letter to me of the 19th of August 2002. I also understand from you in your letter that you have referred my enquiries to you to the Court Service at 105 Victoria Street London SW1E 6QT.

As you will be aware, my questions in my letter of the 17th of August 2002 are addressed to you. Have you replied to the questions contained within my letter to you of the 17th of August 2002 and included those answers to the London Court Service? You will also be aware that most of my questions which I have put to you can only be answered by you. While I do require full answers to the questions which I put to you in my letter of the 17th of August 2002, can you assure me that you have in fact supplied the answers that I require from you in my letter with your correspondence with the London Court Service? One question that I particularly wish to know is whether you passed on my claim for damages in the matter of the corruption used against me by those I have named to you carried out by those sitting at the Durham and Newcastle County Courts to any other authority and when? Can you tell me why you never acknowledged receipt of my damages claim made against the Durham County Court dated the 26th of February 2002?

In the present circumstances, which as you are aware are very serious, I do require the answers most urgently to the questions that I have put to you in my letter to you of the 17th of August 2002. I also require to know what you now intend to do in the matter of my allegations made in my claim to you and those contained in the claims against solicitor Alison Stott and alleged creditor Miss Shirley Carr which I have also supplied to you? I am aware that the Court Service in London cannot reasonably be claimed to be independent and impartial as required under the European Human Rights Convention.

Yours sincerely


Mr Maurice Kellett

16A The Lyons


Then-Wear DH5 0HT.

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