Below is copied my letter to MP Fraser Kemp dated the 14th June 2002.


Mr Fraser Kemp MP. 16A The Lyons,

14 Nesham Place Hettton-le-Hole,

Houghton-le-Spring Tyne-Wear DH5 0HT



June 14, 2002.


My Ref: MK/LP/FK09


Dear Fraser

I thank you for your letter of the 7th June 2002 along with your enclosure of a letter that you received from Lord Goldsmith the Attorney General. My reply is as follows:

The Attorney General agrees that his Ministerial responsibilities include overseeing the Crown Prosecution Service. I presume that you have made him fully aware of the facts relative to the Crown Prosecution Service case against me for alleged harassment of my civil law opponent Miss Shirley Carr? To refresh you, I was prosecuted for reporting the fact to Miss Carr's employer, The National Contributions Agency, that she was carrying out activities at times which were not consistent with what she agreed was her full time employment as a National Insurance Inspector. Though Miss Carr agreed in court that she had been carrying out those activities which I had reported to her employer, I was still found guilty of the charge. Effectively under that ruling this means that anyone who reports someone to the Benefits Agency someone in the belief they are claiming benefit whilst working becomes guilty under the ruling of the Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court. This can only amount to a misuse of law in my case or a case of many others being allowed to get away with reporting others to the Benefits Agency. The Attorney General is required to act on this matter as he agrees it comes within his area of jurisdiction.

There is the additional fact of the Crown Prosecution Service attempting to blackmail me as a means to have me remove material from my Internet web site. This was on a second allegation, false I might add, of my alleged harassment of Miss Carr. There was no evidence of the second allegation because it was indeed false. Miss Carr had of course gained confidence over the years where she has been allowed to carry out criminal acts against me and the considerable use of material perjury during the civil cases between us. Northumbria and Durham Constabulary are both in receipt of the evidence of Miss Carr's use of perjury but both forces deny any responsibility to act on it. That perjury was aided and abetted by former recorder John H Fryer-Spedding. I have provided you with indisputable evidence of this mans crimes against me. If we had a credible justice system both Miss Carr and John Fryer-Spedding should be now have been brought to trial for their crimes against me.

I am aware that the Chief Constable of Northumbria, Mr C Strachan, is a member of the Freemasons and in the circumstances that I contributed to the House of Commons Home affairs Select Committee Enquiry into Freemasonry with the Police and judiciary, he cannot in any way be considered as being impartial to what has been carried out against me by Miss Carr, John Fryer-Spedding, and some of his senior police officers. When senior police officers in his force told me that perjury in civil court proceedings was not a police matter then that is an indication of the depths that those police officers have lowered themselves in order to deprive me of my lawful rights of protection under the law. It is important that the underlying reasons for their behaviour is fully investigated along with the reasons why both Durham and Northumbria police continue to protect Miss Carr, John Fryer-Spedding and judges at the Durham county Court who have carried out very serious crime and misconduct clearly as a means to defeat my cases against Miss Carr. I have provided you with indisputable evidence of this as well.

It has proved impossible to have the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors to act against any of the solicitors involved in the injustice I have received at the hands of what amounts to criminal judges operating within the North East Court Circuit. Solicitor Alison Stott of Durham as you are aware carried out serious crime against me by failing to inform the Durham County Court that she had secretly passed the work of preparing the judges bundles ready for trial to Miss Carr. Miss Carr as you know then left out material documents from those bundles which included an order made by District Judge Scott-Phillips on June 1st 1994 that the three case DH400950, DH400898 and NE401650 that these cases could not be subject of consolidation. Then in October of 1996 then recorder John H Fryer-Spedding lied when he falsely claimed the cases had been subject of consolidation and then tried them that way thus causing me very serious damage. The court records will show that he went much further than that. During proceedings he warned me no to draw to his attention the fact that Miss Carr was swearing further material perjury whilst I was cross examining her in the witness box. He told me that it would do me no good. Then he went on to carry out a serious of criminal acts which are fully recorded in my Statement of Truth which includes his approved transcript of judgement and my reply to it. I provided you with that Statement of Truth. I understand that you copied it to the Home Office, The Parliamentary Commissioner, The Lord Chancellors Department, and the Attorney General. These Authorities have all now denied any responsibility to act on the matter of judicial crime, police crime, and crime used against me by Miss Carr and solicitors whom I have named to you.

Fraser, you surely know that this proves that not only am I no longer protected by law but that the as yet unconvicted criminals I have named have also been given license to carry out against me the crimes that I have detailed to you. There can be little doubt now that the root cause of my problems have stemmed from my stand against the power and influence of Freemasonry within our police and judiciary. That all started when the Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court conducted illegal proceedings back in 1986 which followed when I had been battered and then struck by a car that was driven at me. High authority has been instrumental in the cover up of that additional crime

Under the European Human Rights convention I am entitled to be able to put my cases, which I have detailed to you, to an independent and impartial tribunal established by law. I have previously asked you where I can find such tribunal. You failed to answer that question. The fact is that we are both fully aware that there is no such tribunal existing in the United Kingdom which has on its own resulted in a gross violation of my rights under the Convention. One of Prime Minister Tony Blair's pre-election promises was for a fairer Britain. Fraser under Mr Blair Britain now leads the European League for the abuse of human rights having overtaken Turkey some time ago. I am aware that the situation is getting worse. Judicial crime is substantial and it would seem from recent events that the police have become a law unto themselves. The evidence which I have provided to you backs up my latter claim and my contact with many others also backs up these facts. As Prime Minister, I have to hold Tony Blair fully responsible for the situation I have detailed to you. No one is above the law and that may well be put to the test in the not too distant future.

I have formally declared the judgement of former recorder John H Fryer-Spedding as null and void along with my alleged bankruptcy derived from it. When the judicial system allows judicial crime to go unpunished then that is proof that the United Kingdom does not have a credible justice system. I have in these circumstances a right under common law to protect both myself and my property. I assure you that I will defend it with my life if necessary. Without a credible judiciary and police force we only have anarchy. This is the situation today. My cases alone prove this and there are probably thousands more such cases. I do have claims against all those I have named to you who have caused me damage. My problem is how does one obtain justice from a system which has been instrumental in the use of crime against me? This is obviously another reason why I demand under my rights as a European Citizen access to an independent Tribunal established by law agreed by the UK under the European Human Rights Convention where my cases can be heard.

Finally, I ask that you refer these matters directly to the Prime Minister. As you are aware I have previously written to Downing Street setting out my cases. They simply passed it to the Home Office who then claimed they have no jurisdiction over the police. That too was the same response from the Lord Chancellors Department when they have claimed they have no jurisdiction over corrupt judges. I also again request that you raise these matters in Parliament as my Member of Parliament. I cannot think for one moment that you are anywhere near satisfied with responses you have received from the various Government Departments in the matters which I have reported to you.

Yours sincerely

Mr Maurice Kellett

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