Recorder John H Fryer-Spedding lied when he falsely alleged that the three actions had been subject of consolidation. Above is the order refusing consolidation of the cases. Without the authority of the Durham County Court Carr prepared the judges bundles (files) ready for trial. She deliberately left out the above order and she along with solicitor Alison Stott and barrister Richard Merritt were also aware that the cases had been wrongly tried as a single action but all kept quiet about it. In any event Spedding was required under Supreme Court Rules to have seen an order for consolidation of the cases. Obviously there was none other than the order above order refusing that consolidation. Why did Spedding lie? Why did Carr, Stott and Merrit all keep quiet about the above fact. Why have Durham and Northumbria Police failed to take action on the matter of fraud being used against me by those I name? In time they will all be called to account for their crimes.

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