The letter copied below tells its own story. Corruption at the Durham County Court is clearly being protected by a wall of silence. That silence comes from the manager of the Durham County Court, Fraser Kemp MP and now No. 10 Downing Street. I accuse them of the crime of misconduct in public office by reason that these authorities are failing to do their paid public duty to act on that crime. They are compounding it by failing to answer my letters to them.


The Durham County Court Manager

Mr K Hunt

Hallgarth Street

Durham DH1 3RG

9th October 2002.

Your Ref: 1.02

My Ref: MK/JU/7004

Published for and in the General Public Interest.


Dear Mr Hunt

You continue to ignore the questions that I have put in my letters to you over the past few months. On the 19th of August 2002 you wrote to me stating that you had forwarded my letter with its enclosures dated the 17th of August to the Customer Service Unit of the Court Service at Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London, who you wrote are dealing with my complaint. In my last correspondence to you on the 30th of August 2002 I made you aware that I had received no correspondence on the matter from the Court Service. That is still true up to the present date of the 9th of October 2002.

The crime that has been carried to me by judges and others at the Durham County Court is both substantial and indisputable. Those are of course very serious matters especially given the fact that it has caused and continues to cause me massive damage which I have detailed to you in my letter and claim dated the 26th of February this year. You never acknowledged that letter and of course the claims against your court that I made within it. It was backed by some of the available evidence supporting the facts of which I have claimed. I have previously asked you in my letters a number of questions. One was asking you what action you took on receipt of my letter and claim against your court of the 26th of February 2002. That was only one of the number of my questions on which you have failed to reply.

Crime carried out by judges at any court is a matter for public exposure. It is in the general public interest that this is so. Those in authority with power to act on such matters who fail to set in motion acts to address that crime are deemed to be part of it. Should you wish to dispute this fact Mr Hunt I should appreciate you comments on it? Simply by being silent on these matters, as is the current situation, only helps show that the cover up of judicial crime is a matter of fact and reality.

Criminal acts amongst the public are punishable by law. It seems from my situation alone, and I know of others, that we have arrived at the point where criminal acts carried out by judges is being ignored and concealed by those whose paid public duty it is to act on it. Mr Hunt, it is not my intention to remain silent on these matters regardless of the possible consequences. My life is a hell as a consequence of it.

I have made you aware that I have publicly declared the judgement of recorder John H Fryer-Spedding as being null and void along with all judgements stemming from it. I do accept the rule of law but not of the lawless. You have a copy of former recorder John H Fryer-Spedding's approved transcript of judgement along with my reply to it detailing the false instruments used by him against me. The catalogue of such false instruments that he used against me is as you know very substantial. Only a cursory examination of his approved transcript of judgement and the available evidence shows these facts. You are also aware that the trial before him in October 1996 was also illegal. That was because he falsely claimed and tried the three actions DH400950, DH400898 and NE401650 as a consolidated action whereas at that time there was in force an Order made at the Durham County Court on the 1st of June 1994 by District Judge Scott-Phillips refusing Miss Shirley Carr's application for consolidation of the cases. Amongst those assisting in concealing the existence of that Order was solicitor Alison Stott and Miss Shirley Carr. Barister Mr R. Merritt who represented Miss Carr before the court presided over by then recorder John H Fryer-Spedding, is also shown by evidence to have been aware that the cases were to be tried separately and not as falsely alleged by the recorder as a consolidated action. Solicitors and barristers as Officers of the Court have a responsibility and duty to declare such facts to the courts when they are aware that a miscarriage of justice is or had been carried out resulting from it. Both solicitor Stott and barrister Merritt both kept quiet on the matter. These facts are of course backed by considerable evidence of it. You have that evidence that I refer to on your files and I also have copies of it.


You are also aware and have evidence that solicitor Alison Stott had accepted work from the Durham County Court in the matter of the cases, at a time she later agreed in her declaration to the Newcastle County Court in January of 1996 that she was not acting for my civil opponent Miss Shirley Carr but had only been assisting her. She made that declaration to then recorder John H Fryer-Spedding with others in attendance. It is backed up by affidavits on the court files in your care supporting it. You are further aware that when solicitor Alison Stott had accepted the work from the courts of preparing the judges bundles ready for trial, she then secretly passed it on for Miss Shirley Carr to carry out. Miss Carr then left out documentation from those bundles. Part of those documents was the Order made by District Judge Scott-Phillips on June 1st 1994 refusing her application for the three actions to be consolidated. The list as you know goes on. In October of 1995 solicitor Aloson Stott was also involved in the matter of the very far reaching injunction which was instrument in having me imprisoned at Durham for alleged contempt of court in July of 1996. That too caused me very considerable damage which still has not been addressed. If you dispute any of my claims against the crime used against me I should be pleased to receive them and answer in the cause of truth and justice?

It is in the common public interest that those responsible for the crime that has been used against me be brought to trial before an independent and impartial tribunal or authority established by law. This is more so in the case of crime used by judges. This as you will know is required under the European Human Rights Convention of which Britain is subject. I know of no such tribunal or authority and from my questions in my letters to you it appears that you know of none either. This is yet another gross breach of my rights as a European citizen. In fact it is also a gross breach of the rights of all UK citizens.

As usual, I again require that you answer the questions that I have put in my letters to you over these past few months. I consider that it is your public responsibility and duty that you do so as soon as possible.

Last year I was very grateful to you for your co-operation in the matter of documentation clearly missing from the Durham County Court files in the above cases. It seems that your co-operation in these matters has now come to an end?


Yours sincerely

Maurice Kellett

16A The Lyons


Tyne-Wear DH5 0HT.


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