Copied below is a letter from Fraser Kemp MP dated the 4th of October 2002. It will be seen from my large amount of correspondence with him that he still consistently fails and clearly ignores to answer any of the questions that I have put to him. This I think begins to tell its own story about the way the present government is operating. What they are doing by failing to take action on the judicial and other crime used against me that I have reported to them is against the common public interest.

I was at the selection meeting when Fraser Kemp was chosen as our prospective MP. It was my understanding then that he had worked with Tony Blair in London for many years, I think it was seventeen years, before becoming a candidate as prospective MP for the Houghton-le-Spring and Washington, Tyne-Wear districts. Once elected as an MP he returned to live at Washington, Tyne-Wear.

His predecessor, Roland Boyes MP, was also provided with large amounts of facts and evidence to support my allegations of judicial and other corruption used against me within the North East Court Circuit. It is possible under the circumstances that it has been used against others as well. His reply to me was, " I am only a small MP", and, " If you have tangled with Freemasons you have bitten off more than you can chew." He like Fraser Kemp MP would not go further than he apparently dare.

Now that Fraser Kemp MP is consistently failing to answer any of the questions placed in my letters to him, then the outcome, any reply which is again for and in the general public interest, can only be yet more questions to him. Regardless of the evidence of corruption used against me that he is in receipt of, some of which is published on this site, when a Member of Parliament like Fraser Kemp writes that he is not allowed to raise questions in the House of Commons that too becomes a very serious issue. It is all the more so when his correspondence with the Lord Chancellor, The Home Office, The Parliamentary Commissioner and the Attorney General has amounted to their reply that they accept no responsibility to act on judicial crime. Its clear that they have no interest in the other crime that has been used against me either. The very roots of any democracy must be a credible justice system. That is one that abides by the laws of the land and is without corruption. Present day England does not fit this description and thus cannot be alleged to be a democracy. By no government authorities bearing responsibility to act on judicial crime, the judiciary have in my case become a law unto themselves. From my contact with other victims of the judiciary this seems to have happened with of them as well. You either have to live with this situation or fight against it. I have chosen the latter. It has already cost me very dearly in all aspects of my life. I would rather die fighting evil than give way to it. It has already come close to this on several occasions but I am not deterred. To turn a blind eye to it would only eat at my conscience and ultimately cause me more harm. Right should always prevail regardless of the cost.

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