District Judge Scott-Phillips sitting at the Durham County Court had not told the truth it seems when according to former Durham County Court manager Mr I Cuthbertson District Judge Scott-Phillips had told him that my visit to Bone's office had not been an order of the court but had only been done by her consent. Scott-Phillips had in fact made an order that I be allowed to go to Bone's office. District Either District Judge Scott-Phillips or the manager Mr I Cuthbertson, or both, had lied to me in that matter. Solicitor Nancy Bone had breached the order allowing me to go to her office to take copies from my files that she held by lien. When I reported that as contempt of court, that is when the court manager Mr I Cuthbertson told me that my visit to Nancy Bone's office was not a court order? When Nancy Bone was struck from the register of solicitors long after the illegal final hearing of the cases, the files that Nanacy Bone had withheld from me by lien were returned. Below is a copy of part of one of the letters where Nancy Bone also knew and acknowledged as I did that my visit to her office had been by order of the court.


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