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Then as he was in 1996, recorder John H Fryer-Spedding had agreed that both myself and my father had used the alleyway as a garden for more than 27 years. We were and remain in the circumstances the lawful owners of it. My father died on April 5, 1999, two days after the Sunderland Echo newspaper published on its front page my alleged bankruptcy arranged from the costs awarded under illegal circumstances by Spedding. My father had sworn an affidavit stating that on his death all rights he held in the alleyway land were to pass to me. He agreed in his affidavit that we were the joint users and therefore the joint owners of that land anyway. By virtue of Section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925, there was no requirement for any rights to be reserved in any conveyance. John H Fryer-Spedding would surely have known that fact but probably thought that I would not have. He is still being protected by the police and this makes the matter all the more serious. The compound the seriousness of this situation, Mr Fraser Kemp MP has confirmed in his correspondence with the Lord Chancellors Department, The Parliamentary Commissioner, The Attorney General and the Home Office, part of which has been copied to me, that none of them will act on the matter of judicial crime. From this fact alone, it would seem that the rule of tyranny is now being allowed in the UK. Fraser Kemp MP, who is fully aware of the facts of these matters and was supplied with some evidence of it, has written to me that he is not permitted to raise questions in the House of Commons? At present he fails to reply to my letters to him regarding this and other related matters.