Below is a copy of the statutory declaration sworn by solicitor Paul Graney on April 26 1988.. The very material perjury is his statement relative to the alleyway land subject of case NE401650, " since the 10th December 1982 no one has questioned their occupation thereof."  Between February and March of 1988 Graney had been responsible for the preparation of statutory declarations sworn by Robert William Green and Frederick Seadon. Both of these declarations were for use in the application for a caution against first registration at the Durham Land Registry on the alleyway land subject of case NE401650 subject of dispute between Carr and I. I point out here that Graney had just previously written my late father William Kellett two letters dated February 12 1988 and February 16 1988. Both letters were in regard to the dispute relative to the alleyway land. My father had supplied Graney with a copy of his statutory declaration sworn in 1987 which was the basis of his title. Had it not been for judges who I have named herein, and Graney's criminal act also detailed here, the statutory declaration of my father suplied to solicitor Graney should have been the end of that matter. Instead there commenced a clear conspiracy to defraud both my late father and I out of the alleyway land of which had been lawfully ours long before Carr came to reside at 16 The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole.. On February 8 1988 Carr became the applicant to the Sunderland Civic Centre for drainage proposals to Green's property 16 The Lyons (evidence copied herein). She spent over two thousand pounds for the work to be carried out under those proposals. Shirley Carr and a former resident partner of hers, Mr T. McCabe, were not to purchase No. 16 until August 26 1988. In February of 1988 there came a string of statutory declarations relative to lodging a caution at HM Land Registry on the alleyway land of which long before then my father and I had lawful title. Solicitor Graney's was the last of the three to be sworn and was the most material perjury in the application relative to the alleyway land at HM land Registry. His swearing of  a perjured statement  that no one had questioned Green's occupation of our land of course was shown to be perjury when his letters to my late father relative to it came to light and were produced both to Northumbria Police and the courts. Facts suggest that it was Shirley Carr who was the driving force behind the swearing of the statutory declarations from early February 1998. She was to be the only beneficiary of them. Why would the Green's want to lodge a caution on the alleyway land when it was clear at that time they sworn they were selling No. 16 to Shirley Carr and her former man friend, Mr T McCabe? On 26 August 1988 Greens did not even convey any alleged interest they might have claimed they had over the alleyway land, to Shirley Carr when they purchased No, 16 The Lyons with her former man friend Mr T. McCabe.

Shirley Carr and John Paul Graney continue to be protected by Northumbria Police and judges who had included former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding. Graney's statutory declaration along with the evidence to show that he had committed perjury was placed before then recorder John H Fryer-Spedding in quadruple. He alleged that he had not seen it. His statement is not accepted by me as being a fact. In any event this matter raises the question that he might only have considered evidence that did not incriminate Shirley Carr and others involved in fraud in the case?

All conveyance of land and property must by law be by deed. If the Green's had been given to understand that the alleyway land was to be part of the sale of No. 16 The Lyons to them then there would have been some form of deed to convey it to them. There was in fact none. Solicitor Graney would have been aware of this fact. It was only more of the general crime and deception that was to cause me massive damage. Crime and deception which at present goes unpunished by both Durham and Northumbria Police. When the police can decide whether or not to let criminals go unpunished then the UK has a very serious problem. This problem is shown by evidence herein to exist right now.

Solicitor Alison Stott and Shirley Carr were aware of evidence that the statement made by solicitor Paul Graney had been untrue. They were also aware that it had been used to make a false entry on the Durham District Land Registry Registry.


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