Copied  below is a letter received from solicitor  Alison Stott. She had attended the Durham County Court with Miss Shirley Carr from 1994. On January 17 1996 she declared to the Newcastle County Court that she was not acting for Carr but was only assisting her. The judge who heard that declaration was criminal former recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding. He replied to her, "You are either acting for Miss Carr or you are not?". Stott replied, "Well I am now sir.". Those in attendance when Stott made that declaration included counsel Michelle Temple who expressed disbelief to my wife and I at the declaration Stott had just then made. The Law Society turned a blind eye to Stotts illegal activities. This is not surprising though, because it is known that the Law Society has huge numbers of masons within its ranks. Masonic Mafia parasites are always known to infest bodies such as this.

Leading up to January 17 1996 Stott had been unlawfully accepting work from the Durham Couty Court as Carr's assistant and was then secretly passing it on for Carr to carry out. Stott's unlawful acts amounting to fraud and conspiracy to defraud along with Shirley Carr committed in October 1995, were instrumental in my subsequent imprisonment and stroke in July of 1996. District Judge Cuthbertson was involved in that matter. The facts of Stott and Carr's  fraud was not known until January 1996 when solicitor Stott made her declaration at the Newcastle County Court beore others including then recorder John H Fryer-Spedding of not acting for Carr but of only having been her assistant. The fact was that solicitor Alison Stott had been accepting work from the Durham County Court at a time she had no legal standing as Carr's assistant. She was then passing that work for Shirley Carr to carry out. It only came to light when I discovered missing documentation in a bundle I had received which was originally thought to have been prepared by solicitor Alison Stott. At first Stott claimed she had carried out the work of preparing the judges bundle. She had told me that she was not willing to take staff off important work so that I could be supplied with the missing documents. When I complained to the Durham County Court about that, Stott agreed that she had not after all carried out the work of preparing the Judges Bundles but had passed it on for Carr to carry out. Carr then deliberately left out documentation from the Bundle. It included her application and subsequent refusal at Durham County Court to consolidate my two actions DH400950 and DH400898 into her one action against me under case NE401650. The cases were tried as a single consolidated action under false allegations of then recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding. He was in any event required by law to have seen an order allowing the three cases to be tried as a single consolidated action. There was no such order. By trying the cases that way he was grossly in breach of Supreme Court rules. Under the circumstances, he was clearly in contempt of those rules.

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