Mr Fraser Kemp MP

14 Nesham Place



My Ref: MK/LP/FK13

31st August 2002

Open Letter To Be Published For and In The General Public Interest.

Dear Mr Kemp

It is several weeks since I wrote and delivered to you a letter dated the 15th of July 2002 and another letter dated the 15th of August 2002. They, as in many of my letters to you, require answers to the questions that I have put to you in them. You have not replied to the questions that I have asked of you in my letters and you have not replied or acknowledged the receipt of the letters that I detail above.

I consider that as my Member of Parliament you are a representative in Parliament of your constituents. I am one of those constituents. Mr Kemp, your failing to reply to the questions that I have put to you in my letters are very serious matters but by apparently ignoring my letters or acknowledge receipt of them to you those matters become all the more serious.

Have you any intention of answering the questions that I have put to you? Do you intend to acknowledge receipt of my detailed above.

I have reported with evidence to you of judicial and other crime. You write that as my Member of Parliament you are not permitted to ask questions in the House of Commons regarding it. These questions of course should be about the fact that there is no authority that you have approached on the matter of the judicial and other crime that I have reported to you, who will take responsibility to act on it. I have asked that you explain these matters to me but you have not done that either.

You are aware that considerable damage has already been done to me on these matters and that damage continues. I cannot make you reply to or acknowledge receipt of my letters to you. However, I can and will continue to bring these matters to the public attention. They remain questions that need to be answered for and in the general public interest.

I again look forward to your reply.

Maurice Kellett

16A The Lyons


Tyne-Wear DH5 0HT.

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