Establishment Murder not Except.

On the 20th of January 2003, I attended the Teesside County Court in my appeal against a possession Order made against my home. That Order had resulted from a conspiracy used against me by judges sitting at the Durham and Newcastle County Courts. These people are named on my website's. They include Deputy District Judge Baird, District Judges Cuthbertson and District Judge Scott-Phillips sitting at the Durham County Court and recorder John H Fryer-Spedding sitting at the Newcastle County Court who fled the scene afterwards. Northumbria, Durham and North Yorkshire Police were involved in ensuring that conspiracy was a success. The Official Receiver situated at Stockton -on-Tees was also party to it. I am absolutely satisfied that Freemasonry was up to its neck in it. I am certain that what they have carried out against me was their way of punishing me for contributing to The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary ( The Nolan Inquiry). I kept in contact with Lord Nolan until January of 1998 when he informed me by letter that he was returning to being a member of the Law Lords. I am satisfied that the Nolan Inquiry outcome was to hide the truth of the Masonic influence/control of the UK justice system rather than expose it. I further believe that its original intention had been to do just that.

On the 20th January 2003 District Judge Mainwaring-Taylor dismissed my appeal. He falsely claimed that my concerns at Masonic influence in Durham County Court cases DH400950, DH400898 and Newcastle County Court case NE401650 had no relevance. Previously, Lords Bingham and Woolf and the Court Service had also claimed that. They were in fact all wrong. Mainwaring-Taylor claimed that he was not a mason but stated that only after he had delivered judgement against me. I then informed him that his claim at not being a mason also had no relevance because he had already delivered judgement. In any event, I have found that masons are very often consistent liars when it comes to declaring their membership of Freemasonry. They are after all a Secret Society, just like a band of robbers who also rely on secrecy as a cover for their crime.

The Durham County Court quickly arranged an appeal against Mainwaring-Taylor's judgement of the 20th January, to be heard again at the Teesside County Court on Thursday 30th January 2003. At that appeal I handed the judge in that matter, who has not yet been named to me, the contents of an Appeal Court ruling known as "The Commissioners Case No: CSI/136/02. In that case the Court ruled that by the lower courts having ignored the appellants concerns of possible Masonic influence in his case, by them having done that, they had not instilled a feeling of confidence in the appellant. By failing to instil that feeling of confidence in the Courts, they were ruled as being in breach of Article 6(1) of the European Human Rights Convention. The judge hearing my appeal of the 30th January 2003 expressed apparent shock to Sintons of Gosforth, Newcastle, the solicitors acting for Shirley Carr, at the documentary evidence supplied to him of the ruling made in the above Commissioners case.

Carr had been allowed the use of serious crime against me to assist in bringing about my situation. Northumbria and Durham Police forces were involved in ignoring Carr's crime. The latter police force also failed to carry out their paid public duty to act on the serious crime used against me by judges at the Durham Conty Court along with solicitor Alison Stott, then of Aykley Heads, Durham. Stott was in turn protected by the Office For The Supervision of Solicitors who simply started to ignore my letters to them concerning Stott and other solicitors who had used blatant crime. Protecting bent solicitors would appear to be all part of their work anyway as evidence by the many victims who have turned to them for help shows. This is the way of course that Freemasonry works against all those who raise concerns about its all too often evil influence in public life. At the hearing of the 30th of January, I also handed the judge and Sintons Solicitors the necessary protocols for my application for Judicial Review. Then I took ill and the judge immediately, almost without taking a further breath, adjourned my appeal and then left the court when an ambulance was called for me.

Then on Monday the 3rd of February a bailiff attended my home accompanied by police officers and then illegally tried to force entry to it. I warned the bailiff and police officers attending that the bailiffs action in trying to force an entry to any property is unlawful. They ignored that warning. It was then that I decided not to give in to what had become not only the serious crime that had been used against me, but the fact it had been so blatantly and had been protected in a likewise manner. Yes, I was prepared to die in my home rather than give it up to criminals that I have named and almost certainly influenced by Freemasonry. Criminals who masqueraded as judges and senior police officers. Thus the siege of my home began. On the evening of 3rd February 2003 Mason led Northumbria Police Special Squad police officers outside my home were seen by witnesses to be carrying guns. My telephone and gas supply was cut off first by them. A female police negotiator named to me as "Jo" warned me not to go near my kitchen window when I told her that I would hand through to her some of the evidence of the crime that had been used against me. Her apparent alarm and concern at me doing that gave their evil intention away and it was then that I first realised that Northumbria Police had stationed marksmen outside my home and were intending to shoot me if the opportunity arose. Then I told Jo regardless of that intent to kill me that I would open my kitchen curtains and put on the light to make it easier for the marksmen. She again said not to go near the window until she went and had a word with them. I donít have the slightest doubt that Jo saved my life that evening. Then my electricity was cut off as well and I started to freeze as the night was well below zero temperatures. I had no means to make myself a hot drink then either. I could not even see to take essential medication.

The siege of my home lasted until the Wednesday 5th February. Then Special Squad Police Officers battered down the door of my home and entered it amid their yelling and screaming. I was busy trying to pluck up courage to fall on a sword while I stood at the top of the stairs of my home (no not a samurai sword as was wrongly published by the Press possibly to help dramatise my situation and thus sell more newspapers). Two Special Squad Police Officers complete with batons and shields came up the stairs grabbed me. Then they handcuffed me. Each of them took hold of one of my shoulders and then started to make vocal noises very clearly meant to co-ordinate the pressure they were using to push my abdomen down onto the sword which was left by then protruding between my handcuffs and abdomen. When I realised then that they were going to murder me I started to push away from the sword which had started to pierce my abdomen. Then another Special Squad police officer on seeing that his two colleagues were in the process of murder, pulled the sword away and then dragged me headlong down the stairs away from them. I firmly believe he did that because he did not want to be a part of my murder.

I was later taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital and held under a twenty four hour police guard for around a week. At first Northumbria Police would not even allow me any visitors which again was illegal. When they eventually had to give way to that additional crime after having been warned against it by one of my visitors with legal expertise, I was afterwards not allowed any visitors without a police officer being present. Some of those officers told me they had been instructed to note down anything that was said between myself and my visitors. Medication which the police doctor stationed at Washington, Tyne-Wear, obtained for me was never taken by police to Sunderland Royal Hospital. I was in further danger because of that fact.

Despite my appeal having been adjourned at Teesside County Court on Monday the 30th January 2003, that fact and the fact that I had also started the process of Judicial Review were simply ignored by none other than further judicial criminals employed within the Establishment. These criminals are aware that there are no authorities who will act against the use of their crimes and that is at least one probable reason why judicial crime is now so rampant and on the increase.

The Official Receiver situated at Stockton-on Tees had been made aware that my then wife, Joyce Kellett had purchased a property at Dacre Banks, Harrogate, North Yorkshire in the sum of sixty five thousand pounds of our cash in May 1998. After that purchase it is proved by accounts in her own handwriting that she had at least twenty seven thousand six hundred pounds remaining. Detectives from North Yorkshire Police agreed that it was sufficient for a prosecution case when they came north from Yorkshire to see me. A short while later, I received a letter from them that there was insufficient evidence to act on. Their statement was a complete lie. If they really had wanted any further evidence other than financial accounts written in my then wife's own handwriting showing close to one hundred thousand pounds, a simple check at HM Land Registry would have also given that. It was only after I had warned North Yorkshire Chief Constable, Kenworthy, that by refusing to act on that crime used against me by my then wife, he had rendered himself liable to a citizens arrest. He remains in that category and is clearly responsible for the crime of Misconduct in Public Office under Regina-v-Dytham and other cases. That matter is not closed despite the murder attempt having been made against me in February of this year. Confronting Establishment crime has shown up many of their criminals who are being paid from the purses of people who are ignorant of the existing situation. I have to agree that by continuing to expose these evil people another attempt at murdering me is very likely.

My wife had led me to believe that we were to make a new start at Dacre Banks. In fact as told to me by a man named Speight, a trainee medic then, who I at first thought was my Son-in-Law, said that she had been having an affair for around five years with his close friend, a man eight years younger than my wife, by the name of Phillips. Speight said that he was not a homosexual but described himself as being bi-sexual. Lisa, the girl that I had thought was my daughter, sat in their car listening to that. After my wife parted company from me, it became apparent that Lisa had not been my daughter after all. Speight allowed Phillips to sleep in the spare bedroom of their home near Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire. I think that the conclusions I had previously drawn from that situation had been correct. Speight would not even allow his own two children to sleep in their spare bedroom. They slept in what amounted to little more than a large cupboard. I had believed that Speight. then a trainee medic, was my Son in Law, but as things turned out, Lisa, the eldest daughter which I thought I had, was most certainly not in fact my daughter any more than the two grandchildren that I thought I had were mine either. May God forgive my former wife and the girls that I helped raise, regardless of whether Lisa was my real daughter not. Maybe one day know why I am writing this. A woman gives birth to the body but does not give birth to the soul within it. Flesh can destroy the flesh but it cannot destroy that soul. That job is left to a power far greater than all of us put together.

I was made bankrupt in March 1999 at the Durham County Court in the sum of fifteen thousand eight hundred pounds resulting from the costs awarded against me by recorder John H Fryer-Spedding who fled the scene when I reported his crimes to then Lord Chancellor Mackay who I understand is another mason. That followed the additional use of serious crime used against me to bring about that situation, by judges sitting at the Durham Court. That crime remains unlawfully protected by both Durham and Northumbria police chiefs by what is almost certainly an unwritten law. The law is also that all financial transactions for a period of two years leading up to a bankruptcy are deemed to be taken into consideration for the purposes of it. This was just another example of what the criminals now ruling our courts and their police assistants get up to on a scale far larger than most people would think. Judicial money laundering is also a modern day reality of life.

While I was a patient and prisoner at the Sunderland Royal Hospital following the attempt to murder me, some Northumbria Police Officers told me that there was bound to be a full inquiry into what had taken place. That has never happened. My brother, former leader of the Durham City Council and also a Councillor at Pittington, Co Durham, told the Press that a complaint had been lodged against the police. He claimed, and known now to have been false, that he had appointed a solicitor for that purpose. According to Press reports he had also claimed that he had offered to pay my bankruptcy costs but I had declined that offer on moral grounds. He had never made such offer and I of course had never declined it. My brother is a known mason even though he has denied that. He had me sign a paper while I was a prisoner in hospital giving him Power of Attorney. That power was only to last for the period of my hospitalisation and illegal imprisonment as he had agreed with a senior police officer. Despite that, he took it upon himself to remove items from my home after my release and put them in his garages. He had me go and live at his home after I was discharged from hospital and release from the Northumbria Police unlawful arrest. I had gone looking for alternative accommodation and returned on two days early to my brothers home while doing that. I then saw him going through my personal possessions he had put in his garages and then throwing some of them into his bin. They included items of pottery made by my daughter Dawn while she was at school and that upset me a lot.

He had claimed that documents relative to my cases had been left at my home. When I did a search of his garages while he was away, I found some of it, not by any means all, had been hidden under cardboard cartons along with a briefcase he claimed that he had not seen which also held important documents. I had become almost a prisoner in my brothers home and I know that he was aware of that. Just so long as he told the housing authorities that I could live there, which he at first did, I could not be re-housed by them. He had been telling me that I could not stay at his home but then telling the Housing Authorities that I could. There is a lot more to the matter of my brother that I will write here at present. It will be included in a book that is being written about my experiences with the UK corrupt Establishment. An estimated fourteen thousand pounds worth, which was almost all of my personal possessions, are now missing. While searching for somewhere else to live in May of this year (2003) to get from under the roof of part of that Masonic evil referred to as being my brother, I suffered a heart attack and spent some time in hospital recovering from it.

My brother and his wife had stayed at my home around some three years ago when I was subject of a frame up by a Mason doctor at West Rainton, Co Durham. That was assisted at first by what I consider to have been an equally criminal police officer. All I had asked my brother to do was look after my alsation dog named Trish while I was away. The matter of the West Rainton doctor frame-up was dropped when it was clearly shown and could have been proved to have been nothing but that. However, it had given PC Davison of Durham Constabulary the opportunity to search my home after he had threatened to break down my door unless I told him where to find the key for it. Later it was alleged by Durham Constabulary that the search record for my house relative to that matter had been lost by them. In recent months a solicitor has told me that statement would have been untrue because of police procedures which would have prevented that. Looking for Official Masonic records which they knew that I then had, is a probable explanation for what happened at that time. For me that has become a hazardous and indeed dangerous part of my life so I no longer keep such records with me. When I returned to my home I found that some of my documents, and some that had been sent to me from other victims of the corrupt UK Establishment, along with some of my personal possessions had been stolen. When I approached my brother about that theft, he agreed that he had stolen them. He said it was to help protect me whereas I am sure that he had done that only help the corrupt Establishment which I am sure that he had become part of as the then Leader of Durham City Council. To make matters even more distressing for me, was that my brother and his wife had been feeding my remaining dog, Trish, with food that was required to be mixed with water to allow it to expand. They had fed Trish with that food neat and when she drank afterwards it swelled in her stomach. When I returned home after several days away from the North East Establishment criminals, I saw the horror that had been caused to Trish. I had to have her destroyed a short time later on advice from a vet. 

When I was arrested by PC Davison at Durham Police Station under the false allegation made by the mason doctor at West Rainton, I took ill not knowing even at that time that I had a serious health problem. I was having difficulty with breathing I had asked for a doctor to attend me. That was denied to me. My requests for help while I was in the Durham Police cells continued to be denied me. When Davison and others, one unauthorized to enter my home, arrived back at the Durham Police Station after the search of my home, an ambulance arrived at about that same time and I was taken to Dryburn Hospital, Durham. Following a cardiograph test I was taken to their cardiac care ward and attached to a cardiograph monitor. A tube was also inserted into a vein in my arm. After around two days I overheard a telephone conversation with the ward Staff Nurse and someone else. They were planning to have me committed as an involuntary patient to Cherry Knowle Mental Hospital at Ryhope, Tyne-Wear. I had not been subject of Sectioning under The Mental health Act and knew even then that what they were planning to do was illegal and made that clear to the Staff Nurse. I started to remove the probes from my body that were attached to the cardiac monitor along with the tube that had been inserted into my arm. I was warned by the nurse by removing that tube I could bleed to death. Eventually she removed it when she became aware that I was in the process of doing that anyway.

I left the area and slept in my car for three nights at the Scotch Corner, North Yorkshire, Transport layby. Then I moved on to another area. On the third night I had come close to dying from hyperthermia as I tried to sleep in my car. That January night was bitterly cold. I eventually returned home and was interviewed by Davison at Durham in attendance with a very bent solicitor from Sunderland. Davison had claimed that I had made a phone call making a threat against the West Rainton doctor. He said that it had been recorded. I replied to him that an oscillograph test would show that it was not me who had made that call, if indeed there had been one made at all. Davison replied to me that the recording had been erased and it was no longer available. My reply was how convenient that had been. Davison then said that I had made a threat in a letter which I had sent to the West Rainton doctor. I had not done that and I had never had cause to do that either. When I asked Davison if he had seen the letter to which he referred, he replied that he had not as it was protected by medical ethics. I gave him my written permission to have access to that letter along with access to my telephone account. In the matter of the letter, its contents proved that the doctor had falsely alleged the threat which he had claimed that I had made in it, was another of his lies. He had wasted police time and caused serious damage to me. From my various contacts and my own knowledge, Freemasonry within the medical profession has reached dangerous and alarming proportions where it is now possible for them to cover up even murder. An attempt to do that with me around two and a half years ago appears to have been made until a nurse warned me against doing something which a doctor had advised me to do. Another doctor confirmed that nurses warning to me and I discharged myself from the hospital.

On hindsight, had I, unlawfully in the circumstances, been admitted to Cherry Knowle Mental Hospital from Dryburn and most probably kept there indefinitely to keep me from exposing the UK corrupt Establishment, then could that have been one of the reasons the mason West Rainton Doctor had made the false allegations against me? Masonic evil knows no bounds and that was just another example of the proof of it. Later when I went to Durham Police Station to see Davison about the false allegations made by that doctor, another police officer told me that I should have received a letter from Durham Constabulary saying that no action was to be taken on the matter. I had not then or at anytime afterwards, received any such alleged letter from them.

I know now that the very corrupt Establishment does quite extensively use the power of Sectioning under the Mental Health Act to rid themselves of those who confront and expose it. I am also well aware that some psychiatrists are seriously concerned at the use of that Act being used for highly illegal purposes by the corrupt UK Establishment.

The above is only a small part of the mass corruption that has and probably still is being hatched out for me and God only knows how many others by the generally corrupt UK Establishment. While PM Tony Blair's Office at Downing Street have recently written to say that they have forwarded my letter that I sent to PM Blair to the Home Office and the new Department For Constitutional Affairs ( Former Lord Chancellors Department with much the same people still employed in it) I have no faith in either of those authorities or Downing Street from my past experiences with them. Baroness Scotland, Parliamentary spokeswoman for the Lord Chancellors Department, previously wrote to my former MP Mr Fraser Kemp, that I can make a complaint about the personal conduct of a judge, but her letter confirms, that cannot include their use of crime in such a complaint. A letter which I have recently received from the Department For Constitutional Affairs makes the same statement. This recent letter again bears out the fact that UK bent and corrupt judges are illegally being held as being above the law. I have not yet received any letters from the Home office following their receipt of mine sent to them from Downing Street. A list of corrupt judges is being drawn up with a view to the eventual lawful citizens arrest of them. Such arrest will also apply to those who have the duty to act on matters of crime but who refuse to carry out that duty. The public need relief and protection from these people and if the State wont do it, then someone else must. The UK Establishment continues to deprive the UK citizen of their rights under Article 6(1) of the European Human Rights Convention. That requires that we have access to independent and impartial tribunals and authorities established by law for the resolution of our criminal and civil rights. We donít have any such tribunals or authorities which is a serious and blatant denial of our rights as European Citizens under that Convention.

Perhaps having such independent and impartial authorities would highlight too much the serious problems caused by the corrupt Establishment that all UK citizens are currently being subjected to and many of them without even knowing that? Would they really after all want independent people examining what they get up to? However, its not what they want but what is wanted by the many victims of the corrupt UK Establishment and the lawful rights being deprived to them under the European Human Rights Convention.

Shirley Carr and solicitor Alison Stott still remain free despite them having played an important and material part in the crime that was carried out against me at the Durham and Newcastle County Courts. Carr unlawfully now has my home and land that has been stolen from me with the use of that serious crime. I wont allow that situation to remain for much longer. That despite now being fully aware that the corrupt UK Establishment is fully capable of murder, as was attempted against me in February of this year, in their own attempt to cover up their crimes. I accept that not all masons are evil people but most are quite willing to help cover up the evil being carried on by Freemasonry. One mason from another country recently corresponded with me and also agreed that the way Freemasonry had become was not the way it had originally been intended to be. He too foresees the likely end to that evil. At this point I would also like to thank those disillusioned masons who have passed Official Masonic documents to me which are now kept away from my home at a safe place. Perhaps Lord Barnard of Raby Castle, near Barnard Castle, the Grand Master of the Durham Grand Lodge, might also like to send me some documentation that will assist me in my research?

I am also sure from what I have experienced that solicitors too are often deliberately being exempted from prosecution for serious crime. Maybe many of them also act as police informers in the course of their work so in return they can be excused of their crimes? Today's many bent solicitors will be tomorrows bent judges and the opposite is also true. Donít look forward to tomorrow! The infestation of Freemasonry within the UK justice system tells its own story and one that does not make nice reading for the faint hearted. Several weeks ago I overheard a pub conversation between three off duty policemen. One of them, a rather loud speaking man, said that he was bored with his desk job. He went on to say that he had decided on the " Masonic Oath and then the fast track to promotion". His statement I think summed up the general situation existing within the police and the corrupt Establishment generally. The Masonic nods as good as a wink brigade are at work all of the time. Its partly that which attracts so many evil people into Freemasonry. I have learned this much during my life and that is when there is only evil left, that same evil will eventually destroy even itself eventually. Masonic evil has become an almost integral part of the corrupt UK Establishment.

Freemasonry has made at least one very big mistake in what they have carried out against me. They donít know what that is yet, but in time, even after, or because of my death, they will know what that is. What these evil people have carried out against me included their attempt to murder me in February this year has not deterred me. In fact it has only given me yet more incentive to carry on exposing the real life facts of what Freemasonry is so often really all about. I must add that I am aware that being a mason does not necessary mean that person is automatically evil. One prominent mason from outside of the UK and I were in correspondence a few weeks ago. He apologized to me for what had been carried out against me by his brother masons. He agrees that the way Freemasonry has gone is contrary to its original intentions. The lower rank masons obviously donít want to know or are afraid to ask what their Grand Masters get up to. I believe that many of the lower ranks of Freemasonry after joining it, are made to believe that they have become superior beings set above fellow man. Nothing could be further from the truth. My Great Grandfather was a member of the Scottish Bruce clan. It is said that the similarity between a statue of Robert the Bruce, the uncrowned King of Scotland and my late father was striking. Robert the Bruce was the defender of the Knights Templar who were the originators of Freemasonry. They fought alongside Robert the Bruce at the battle of Bannockburn. The information about my ancestry came from an American source who knew more about it than I was ever likely to have learned otherwise. If Robert the Bruce could see what Freemasonry is now, I am sure that he would rise from his grave to fight against it. It is strange that as an ancestor of the Bruce Clan, I have found myself through circumstances beyond my control, now fighting against the same Masonic mob originating from the Knights Templar's which my ancestor had protected. Freemasonry has become like a cancer eating and infecting wherever it goes. Just like cancer, it wont simply just go away, but may eventually need something similar to a surgeons knife to remove it from decent society which it now infects.

 Maurice Kellett.




In 1986 after I had uncovered corruption in land dealings at then British Coal Estates I was battered and then struck by a car that was deliberately driven at me. After it I was denied hospital treatment and then left with no choice but to stagger and crawl the five or so miles back to my home in the middle of the night. There was torrential rain throughout and I was left bleeding heavily from my injuries after the rain washed off lint placed over my wounds. This event changed my perception of what UK justice is all about. Since that time my perception of what the UK justice system is about has been backed up by yet more facts and evidence of what is done to a person who will not accept that judicial corruption can be allowed under any circumstances.

The single magistrate who sat on the above matter at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court had not been qualified to act alone. Both the manager of that court, who has since gone into retirement, and the Lord Chancellors Department were involved in the attempted cover up of those illegal proceedings at Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court. Facts show that Freemasonry had a hand in what was done to me.

Over the years since the things mentioned above, I have never given up on having the matter dealt with by authority who are prepared to carry out their public duty to act on it. I have in the event shown that the UK does not have any authorities who will act on judicial crime. The judiciary is therefore now a power to themselves. Parliament is allowing this situation despite them being the ultimate people's court.

Since 1986 and my unwillingness to let the Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court matter rest, I have become subject of what is clearly massive judicial crime. That crime has the appearance of having been organised. The police have played their part in protecting the crime that has been carried out against me. Law states that by protecting crime they are regarded as being part of it themselves by implication. They are also shown to be guilty of the crime of misconduct in public office by failing to carry out the public duty required of them. That crime can carry with it a prison sentence of up to seven years. It is thus an arrestable offence that can be carried out by any citizen. This especially so in the case of those affected by such crime. The question of what to do with these people once such arrests are made is still under consideration.

Member of Parliament Mr Fraser Kemp has been made aware by me of the facts of my cases and has been given evidence to support my allegations. Like his predecessor Roland Boyes, he is clearly reluctant to carry out his paid public duty to act on the matter of what is shown to both him and I to be protected judicial crime. He has written in regard to it that he is not permitted to raise issues in the House of Commons. If I am to accept this as the truth then the UK is in a very serious situation.

Mr Fraser Kemp MP has adopted the attitude of not answering the many questions that I have put in my letters to him. Some of those letters and his brief replies to them are published on this site. The manager of the Durham County Court has adopted a similar attitude to my letters to him. Some of them are also published on this site. Now, my latest letter addressed to Prime Minister Tony Blair relative to the crime used against me goes without reply or acknowledgement. In a previous letter I sent to Tony Blair PM, his office passed it to the Home Office. They in turn have denied any responsibility to act on the matter of judicial crime. The same response was received to evidence of judicial crime used in my cases that Fraser Kemp copied and forwarded on to The Home Office, the Lord Chancellor, The Parliamentary Commissioner and the Attorney General. Despite being in the full knowledge of the latter facts Mr Fraser Kemp MP has written that he is not permitted to raise issues in the House of Commons. From the evidence shown on this site Fraser Kemp wont answer any of the questions that I have put to him in my letters. In the circumstances, by failing to carry out his public duty regarding the crime used against me, he can be regarded by law as being a part of it.

In 1996 recorder John H Fryer-Spedding unlawfully tried three separate civil court actions at the Newcastle County Court by falsely alleging that they had been subject of a consolidation order. I was the Plaintiff in two of the cases and the recorder tried them as a single action. He falsely alleged that they had been subject of consolidation. An order had been made at the Durham County Court stating that the cases were not to be tried as a consolidated action. Part of the catalogue of crime used against me in this matter is detailed in my Statement of Truth which includes my reply to what recorder John H Fryer-Spedding had falsely alleged. In his approved transcript of judgement, recorder John H Fryer-Spedding has agreed that his action was intended to deprive me of my rights. A judge has no power to lawfully deprive anyone of their rights especially when those rights concern the action of law which allows them. The recorder went into what was clearly sudden retirement when I reported some of his actions to former Lord Chancellor Mackay. Lord Mackay passed me on the Parliamentary Commissioner who in turn denied any responsibility to act on the matter. Though the Lord Chancellor heads and appoints members of the UK judiciary he denies any responsibility to act on the matter of crime carried out by those members. It is also alleged that the UK judiciary are independent of government yet the Lord Chancellor, who heads the judiciary, is in fact a government cabinet minister who has not been elected by the UK public? Evidence of this fact is also published on this site.

What makes the matter even more serious for the people of the UK is that Lord Justice Auld and Pill heard my application for leave to appeal the judgement of recorder John H Fryer-Spedding, and then refused it. They also knew of the relevant facts in the cases. I think it was Lord Justice Auld who spoke at my application in defence of Freemasonry. As the matter of Freemasonry became of relevance in my application by Lord Auld's defence of it, I wrote to him and Lord Justice Pill who refrained from declaring or deny any membership of Freemasonry as I had requested. The information to allow me to decide whether my appeal had been heard by an independent and impartial body was under the circumstances denied to me. Facts show that Freemasonry does not come under the normal accepted principles of justice in the matter of the declaration of interests.

Under the European Human Rights Convention, UK citizens have the right of access to independent and impartial tribunals or authorities established by law for the resolution of their rights. The UK has no such impartial and independent bodies. This is a serious breach of the rights of the British Public which has been allowed by past and now the present government.

Over the years since 1986 my life has been made nothing short of hell by people acting in authority where attempted blackmail by them, false arrest and imprisonment have all been their norm in clear attempts to silence me. They will never succeed in doing that short of killing me. In the light of what has gone before, I do not discount that they are incapable of the latter. I have been threatened that I will disappear and threats to kill me have been made. They have however made a bad mistake. They will learn what that mistake is at the right time. That time will be one chosen by me and not them.

Maurice Kellett.


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