The Manager

The Durham County Court

Hallgarth Street

Durham City

To Be Published For And In The General Public Interest.

My Ref. MK/JU/7003. 30th August 2002.

Dear Sir

I am in receipt of your letter of the 29th of August 2002.

I particularly note that you continue to fail to answer any of my questions that I put to you in my letters to you of the 17th of August 2002 and the 25th of August 2002. You are of course aware that many of the questions I have put to you in the above dated letters can only be answered by you as manager of the Durham County Court. The Court Service are, as the name implies, as a service to the court. They have not previously acted on the matters of the judicial and other crime that I have raised with you thus tending to confirm their interest is in protecting the courts and not those who have become subject of their crime such as that which I have reported to you. As you are considered as being first and foremost a public servant, then in that capacity I still require that you give the answers that I require or that you confirm that you have passed on those answers that I require from you to the Court Service? One additional question that I require that you answer is whether or not you have passed on my allegations of judicial and other crime to the police or any other authority who you considered as being of relevance to it?

I would wish to remind you that the longer the crime that I have reported to you is allowed by you and others not to be acted upon, the severe damage caused to me continues. You have responsibilities and I suggest those relate to your public conduct in these matters.

I would also add that the Court Service have not contacted me either to offer a single answer to any of the questions that I have recently put to you. You did assist me last year in trying to find documentation that is missing from the Durham County Court files, but in this very serious matter you would seem to be trying to distance yourself from it.

I look forward to your early reply to these matters. If you feel that you have no responsibility to reply to the questions that I have put to you in my letters then I would also ask for any explanation that you can give to me regarding this.

Yours sincerely

Maurice Kellett

16A The Lyons


Tyne-Wear DH5 0HT


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