Here is a copy of the letter that I received from the Durham County Court manager dated the 11 of November 2000. There was no authority on the court files to allow either solicitor Alison Stott or Shirley Carr to prepare the judges bundle. Mr Hunt arranged for a table to be laid out in the court office afterwards to allow me to search the files for such authority. I too was unable to find it?

Evidence on this website shows that both solicitor Alison Stott and Shirley Carr had carried out the work of preparing the judges bundle. The Durham County Court files shows below that there was no such authority to allow either of them to do that work. Its just a case of fraud, fraud, and more fraud but given the crime that has been used against me at the Durham and Newcastle County Courts by the judges that I have named, what's a little more fraud amongst friends? Here is more evidence that has been copied this week to the Durham District Land Registrar, Mr Patrick Timothy. 

Both solicitor Alison Stott and Shirley Carr were aware that solicitor Paul Graney had sworn untrue information in his statutory declaration. There are matters arising from that which will be published later. They were also aware that it had been used to make a fraudulent entry in the Durham District Land registry.

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