Below is copied the letter received from Mr Fraser Kemp MP dated the 6th of January 2003.

It is a number of weeks since I last wrote to Mr Kemp and I did not receive a reply to my last letter to him. Mr Fraser Kemp has written that he has raised my case with the relevant Minister. According to Mr Kemp's correspondence with me and of which is published on this site, he has raised my case with the Attorney General, The Home Office, The Parliamentary Commissioner and the Lord Chancellors Department. He has also shown that none of these authorities will act on the matter of judicial crime that has been used against me. When I asked by letter that he raise these matters in the House of Commons, his reply by letter, also published on this site was that he is not permitted to raise questions in the House?

Under Article 6.(1) of the European Human Rights Convention all British citizens have the right to be heard before independent and impartial tribunals or authorities for the resolution of their civil rights. As evidence shows on this site, judges I have named, starting with Deputy District Judge Baird, had carried out serious criminal acts against me, then it would be contrary to Article 6(1) of the Convention that a fellow judge should be involved in the resolution of my civil rights. In these circumstances, it would be ultra vires (illegal) to the ruling under the relevant Article of the Convention. There is in addition the fraud that has also been carried out against me by solicitor Alison Stott of Durham and Miss Shirley Carr (Latest evidence of fraud B) 2) 3) 4) 5) which apparently continues to be ignored by the authorities.

Some of the facts and evidence of the judicial and other crime used against me can be found here.

In my letters to Mr Fraser Kemp MP, the manager of the Durham County Court and the Prime Minister, I have asked where I can find such independent and impartial tribunals or authorities as required under Article 6(1) of the European Human Rights Convention. None of these authorities have replied to my latter question. Facts show that we in the UK have no such authorities or tribunals relevant to Article 6(1) of the Convention and this is a serious breach of my rights and those of all UK citizens.

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