Copied below  are paragraphs 8) to 12 of Shirley Carr's sworn affidavit of  May 12 1994. Recorder John H Fryer Fryer-Spedding and other judges also saw it. I will briefly detail facts about what is sworn in each paragraph.

8) Mr Adamson a local jobbing builder did a lot of work on No 16 during February and March 1988. At that same period of time Carr was having drainage work carried out to that property even though she was not to purchase it until 26 August 1988. At that same time a string of statutory declarations were being sworn relative to my and my fathers land. There is reason to believe that Shirley Carr was also paying for the work being carried out by local jobbing builder Mr Adamson. She was seen at times to be supervising him. Adamson did dig a hole next the boundaries of No 16 and 16A to allow drainage from No 16 to filter through to my property No. 16A. Shirley Carr swears below  that Adamson  had merely (one of her most favourite words) levelled the old flagstones that had become uneven through the passing of time. I will be publishing an extract from her own surveyors report which again shows criminal Carr's liberal use of perjury. The flagstones had not been levelled at all but were sloped in the direction of our property.

9) Here Shirley Carr swear, "My rear yard has no drainage problems." but take a look at paragraph 12). That paragraph alone where she then swears that her rear yard had flooed five times, proves her perjury and her surveyor also provides evidence of the work she was instrumental to she had done to ensure that my property received the full rear drainage from hers. At one time Shirley Carr unsrewed the top off of the tap she refers to, which is above gully she mentions. The whole place started to flood as the gully had been disconnected by jobbing builder Adamson. Shirley Carr came rushing to our home asking that I try to stem the flow of water from the tap, which I did.

10) Shirley Carr's own surveyor report again proves her deliberate perjury sworn in this paragraph. I will be publishing part of that survey shortly. I had disconnected part of the guttering situated on my property, but serving only  Carr's property. The guttering on the rear of Shirley Carr's property had all been sloped in the direction of my property, as was proved in the video film shown to recorder John H Fryer-Spedding, it was allowing her drainage to fall onto the rear yard of my property No. 16A. I had expected Shirley Carr to have that guttering sloped away from my property. She has no rear drainage on her property. She has agreed that in her affidavit. It was clearly important for her to disperse it anyway that she could. That was, as shown by the video film evidence shown to recorder John Fryer-Spedding to be onto the lower of level of the two properties which was my own. What Shirley Carr had been instrumental in carrying out to make sure this situation was sustained was all video filmed and shown to recorder John H Fryer-Spedding. The film remains as evidence of some of the crime that was used against me for anyone who may wish to see it. Northumbria Police also have a copy of it. They are ignoring it clearly to protect criminal acts.

11) Shirley Carr swears that the rainwater from the east of her property's east side elevation was intended to run off the slope into the eaves gutter, which she falsely swears had always been attached to the wall. That section of guttering was attached to our side of the party wall on the south side of Shirley Carr's property. The guttering attached to the south side of Shirley Carr's property had been all sloped in the direction of my property. The video evidence shown to recorder John H Fryer-Spedding proves this fact beyond all reasonable doubt. Two surveyors reports showed that even after heavy rain the 45 gallon drum was empty. John H Fryer-Spedding and othes at the London High Court were also provided with that evidence but obviously turned a blind eye to it to assist in defeating my appeal case on the matter. I suggest that it was probably because of my having taken part in the Nolan Enquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary. I can think of no other organisation who could organise such a conspiracy against me in the circumstances.

12) What can I say about paragraph 12)? Here we have Shirley Carr prepared to swear blatant perjury that her rear yard had flooded approximately four times but had previously sworn in paragraph 9) that her rear yard has no drainage problems? There is video film evidence that there had been action taken to put holes under a wall on my property which allowed water from Shirley Carr's property to flow into the rear yard of our property. Video film taken and shown to recorder John H Fryer-Spedding shows that paving slabs were lifted and holes had been put in them to clearly to make sure that her property would drain by these means into my property. These acts are all fully proved by video evidence that was shown to recorder John H. Fryer-Spedding. In fact Spedding was also shown flooding on my property as a direct result of the acts that were carried out on the rear yard of Shirley Carr's property to assist that situation.

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